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Wushung (武雄) is a city or town in eastern China, presumably not far from the country's Pacific coast. It is the hometown of Chinese billionaire Mr. Long-Dou and his family, including his granddaughter Ming. It is officially listed as a sister city of Woodcrest, USA.

Wushung and its history with Woodcrest[]

According to anecdotal evidence given by Ed Wuncler I, Wushung is where the sport of kickball originated from. When his grandfather Prescott Wuncler visited Wushung in the late 19th century, he watched local Buddhist monks playing a game which involved kicking a rubber ball. He introduced this sport to America, which he called "Jap baseball" (he was ignorant of the differences between China and Japan), before it was later renamed to "kickball".

More than a century later, the cities of Woodcrest and Wushung still hold an annual kickball game, with teams consisting of several adults and children from both towns competing for glory. Though in one recent competition, it was used to facilitate a personal bet between Ed Wuncler and Long-Dou to settle the former's debts to the latter, with Wuncler putting all the real estate properties he owned (including most of Woodcrest) on the line. Fortunately for both Wuncler and the rest of Woodcrest, their team ultimately came out victorious over Wushung's.

Known residents of Wushung[]