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The Woodcrest Police Department (WPD) is the municipal law enforcement agency of the city of Woodcrest, Maryland.

The Woodcrest Police have a reputation for being highly corrupt, racially biased, needlessly violent, and stupidly incompetent at doing their jobs. They have been paid off with bribes from local billionaire Ed Wuncler I, thus allowing Wuncler's family (such as his son and grandson) and their accomplices (like Gin Rummy) to get away with committing any crimes they want scot-free. They are also very racist against black people and other racial minorities, often leading them to falsely arrest or even prematurely attack non-white individuals (including Uncle Ruckus, Tom DuBois, or a trio of shopkeepers who were defending their store from being robbed by Ed III and Rummy). Occasionally, police officers have been shown to be competent helpful in certain episodes.


The police officers in Woodcrest all wear a navy blue uniform, with black ties and navy hats with shields. Officers wear their badges on their chests, and symbols on their shoulders signifying rank. Officers generally carry both guns, resembling Glock 22’s, and nightsticks. Detectives are seen with suits or overcoats and ties.

Most of the police officers are white, but several black cops have also been shown.

Police Vehicles[]

The police cars in Woodcrest are four-door sedans with red and blue light bars on the roof. Though poorly animated in Season 1, in later seasons they seem to be based off of 1998-2011 Ford Crown Victorias and 2000-2005 Chevy Impalas They all sport a generic black and white police livery, with "Police" written in black and/or gold on the side doors and decklid.


A Date With The Health Inspector 1

The Woodcrest Police arresting Tom DuBois.

A Date With The Health Inspector 1

A Date With The Health Inspector

A Date With The Health Inspector[]

Tom is arrested and accused of being the Xbox killer after fitting the very vague description of a black suspect. He is later interrogated by two detectives, the later of whom - a black detective - convinces Tom to sign a confession in five minutes.

A Date With The Health Inspector 10

Meanwhile, an officer named Frank is in a mini-mart when Ed and Rummy decide to rob it, starting a shootout with the Middle-Eastern store owners. Frank is shot multiple times, leaving him alive but severely wounded. The police arrest the store owners as terrorists, while Ed and Rummy are celebrated as heros.

Tom proceeds to sue the city for wrongful arrest.

The Itis[]

Though not directly seen, the police are called on several occasions to Meadowlark Park, taking an unreasonable amount of time to respond, and symbolizing the degredation of the neighborhood.

Let's Nab Oprah[]

Let's Nab Oprah 4

An officer bowing to Ed Wuncler III after returning his wallet.

Following the first failed attempt to kidnap Oprah Winfrey, an officer arrives at Ed Wuncler III's residence to return his wallet, treating him like royalty during the encounter.

Throughout the various criminal activities commited by Riley, Ed, and Rummy, no cops are seen responding to the situations.

Riley Wuz Here 1

Riley Wuz Here[]

Riley Wuz Here 3

The police come to the Freman's residence to confront Riley for tagging a house, signing "Riley Wuz Here." Huey asks if the cop is here for him or Riley, leading Granddad to be suspicious.

At the end of the episode, Riley and the art teacher get in a high-speed chase and shootout, with the teacher taking out several police cars.

The Block Is Hot[]

The police play a prominent role in this episode. They initially respond to Uncle Ruckus snitching on Riley, but mistake him as a perpetrator, shooting at him before beating him. Ruckus, viewing it as a justified action, foregoes a settlement to become an honorary officer, and vowing to persecute every black person in the neighborhood.

During a riot over Lemonade, the police begin to attack rioters, and Ruckus is once again beaten by an officer, who is technically his colleague. The riot is quelled by snow, and Ruckus is left delirious.

Ruckus is never seen in a police uniform again, though it can be assumed it is one of his many jobs.

Thank You For Not Snitching[]

The Story of Thugnificent[]

The Woodcrest Police are seen in the Eff Granddad video, partying with the Lethal Interjection Crew after being called in for a noise complaint.

Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy[]

The police respond to an unknown call after The Hateocracy attacks the Freemans and murders Bushido Brown. One of the few black cops on the force leads the response, and reveals that the only way to end a N***a Moment is jail.

Smokin With Cigarettes[]

Mr. Medicinal[]

I Dream of Siri[]



  • They utterly SUCK at gathering evidence for their cases; seemingly arresting the nearest black man just to close the cases faster.
    • Xbox Killer? They arrested Tom DuBois, an upstanding citizen and lawyer. Plus simple DNA examination would prove he wasnt at the victim's home or even played the damn console.
    • Eli Gorbinsky? The guy left as many clues as there was Commandments. Did he get arrested? Nope. They arrested the completely unrelated Shabazz K. Milton-Berle and gave a kangaroo court.