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Usher Raymond IV is an American R&B singer. Much to Tom DuBois' dismay, Usher is the favorite singer of his wife Sarah and their daughter Jazmine.

He is mentioned a few times in Season 1, and later appears in the Season 2 episode "Tom, Sarah and Usher" (where he is voiced by Affion Crockett).


Season 1[]

Usher doesn't appear, but he is mentioned a few times.

In "A Date with the Health Inspector", Tom (who always follows the law due to his phobia of prison rape) deletes all of Sarah's MP3 music files, remarking that "File sharing is a crime, and I'm not going to get anally raped just so you can listen to Usher!"

In "Return of the King", during Martin Luther King Jr.'s climactic speech, he takes a potshot at Usher, saying "No Usher, Michael Jackson is not a genre of music!"

In "The Passion of Reverend Ruckus", Father Reverend Uncle Ruckus asks his congregation to "name ten n***as you hate", and Tom mentions Usher as being one of several black men he can't stand.

Season 2[]

Usher appears only in "Tom, Sarah and Usher". While Tom and Sarah are having an anniversary dinner at a fancy restaurant, Usher unexpectedly appears as well. Sarah gets too excited by him, and she inappropriately flirts with her idol, while her husband is sitting and watching with frustration. This only adds to existing problems between Tom's and Sarah's marriage.

Tom is growing paranoid that Sarah may be cheating on him with Usher. Eventually he decides to confront Sarah and Usher personally, yelling at his wife while slapping the singer. But Tom realizes too late that Sarah wasn't actually having an extramarital affair, she just wanted to take Jazmine to meet Usher. Usher and his bodyguards then retaliate by beating Tom to a pulp, while his wife and kid watch in shock.


Season 1

Season 2