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"If you ever wanna talk, remember, I'm always listening."
The White Shadow, to Huey Freeman.

The White Shadow is a mysterious government agent. He is an enigmatic individual claiming to be sent by the apparent "powers that be" to spy on radical activist Huey Freeman, from monitoring his communications to personal conversations. However, he could just as well be an imaginary "G-man" stemming from Huey's increasingly paranoid imagination. However he says that "Just because I tape your phone conversations and monitor your emails, doesn't mean we can't be friends", to which Huey obviously detests.

He first appears in the episode "The Real", conversing with Huey in small windows of his alone time, then suddenly disappearing. By the end of the episode, it is not concluded if The White Shadow is a figment of Huey's imagination, or an actual secret agent.

He has also appeared in "It's Goin' Down" to inform Huey of his prime suspect status in the terrorist plot. Though he seems as a hostile individual, he usually appears to provide insight or warn Huey. Huey is the one who dubs him "The White Shadow".


  • He was absent for exactly 36 episodes, this was all of Season 2, and most of Season 3 until the finale of the season.
  • The White Shadow was a television series that ran on the CBS network from November 27, 1978, to March 16, 1981. It starred Ken Howard as a white professional basketball player who retired after a severe knee injury and took a job as a basketball coach at Carver High School, a mostly black and Hispanic urban high school in South Central Los Angeles.


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