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"The Story of Gangstalicious" is the sixth episode of the Adult Swim animated television series The Boondocks. It originally aired on December 11, 2005. The story was continued in Part 2, an episode in season 2.


Riley visits his favorite rapper Gangstalicious, after he is shot and hospitalized in Woodcrest.


The episode begins with a notice.

"The following is a completely fictional work of satire. Any similarities with actual rappers is totally, completely, coincidental.

Also, I ain't dissin' nobody's city, or region, or... whatever geographic affiliation you got. I love everybody.

Seriously. I really don't want any of you running up on me at the club. I don't have no crew, and they don't pay me enough to hire bodyguards.

I know how ya'll n*gg*s do. It's just jokes, man.

Dictated. Not read.

The management. "

The episode officially begins with Huey and Riley in the living room watching a documentary about Riley's favorite rapper, Gangstalicious, called Gangstalicious Resurrection narrated by Sway Calloway. Sway recaps the feud between Gangstalicious and Eat Dirt and their respective crews. Conflict arose when a chair was thrown at Eat Dirt during an award show in the previous year. A few months later on September 30, Gangstalicious and Eat Dirt instigated a physical altercation with another in a Miami nightclub, where they accidentally shot themselves during the fight. During an interview, Gangstalicious says that he decided he will not get shot again. Suddenly, breaking news interrupts the program. Sway informs the audience that Gangstalicious has been, unsurprisingly, shot again, much to Huey and Riley's shock.

Later that night, Huey and Riley watch the news for more information on the shooting. Huey is irritated by the ignorance and ghetto behavior displayed by the black eye witnesses, but Riley pays close attention for information. Riley explains to the viewer that Gangstalicious, was performing a concert in Woodcrest when the three men ran onstage and shot him (ironically Gangstalicious was singing his new song "I Got Shot" at the time of the shooting). Because everybody initially believed this to be a part of the act, 45 minutes passed until an ambulance was finally called. Grandad is surprised that Gangstalicious was shot again and says that it's a shame. Riley asks Grandad for a ride to the hospital to visit Gangstalicious, arguing that Gangstalicious needs his "street soldiers" to protect him and that the hospital is just fifteen minutes away. Grandad, sensing obvious danger, refuses to take him and walks away. Huey tries to console Riley, but fails and walks away as well. Riley becomes determined to help Gangstalicious and makes it his mission to get to the hospital by any means necessary.

The next day, Riley tries to convince Grandad that he needs to go the hospital by feigning accidents and injuries, which all fail. Finally, Riley decides to drink orange juice straight from the carton in front of Grandad. Grandad is angered that Riley didn't use a glass and knocks the carton out of his hand. Riley, using reverse psychology, tells Grandad that he isn't going to the store to get more orange juice. As punishment, Robert makes Riley ride his bike to the store to buy some orange juice, but specifically threatens him against going to the hospital. As an extra precaution, Grandad gives Riley a phone to keep tabs on him.

Regardless, Riley heads straight for the hospital and meets Gangstalicious, who is bedridden. Riley and Gangstalicious decide to hang out and talk, while three men get out of a car and enter the hospital. Gangstalicious becomes severely anxious when Riley informs him that no police officers or security guards are protecting his room. Deciding to double check, Riley discovers three men asking for Gangstalicious' location at the hospital's front desk. Meanwhile, Huey and Grandad watch Gangstalicious' new music video and Grandad decides to call Riley because he is taking too long. Riley hides from the three men, but is quickly found when Grandad calls him and when a patient loudly bothers him because he wants to buy his phone. The three men see Riley and try to talk to him, but the boy quickly runs away from them and the men give chase. Riley decides to escape using a nearby elevator and, with quick thinking, tricks the gangsters into searching the third floor of the hospital, while he flees back to Gangstalicious' room on the fifth floor. Gangstalicious angrily complains to someone on his cellphone about the lack of security and is interrupted when Riley warns him about the three men. The three gangsters search the third floor and find Uncle Ruckus mopping the floor singing a song about the joys of slavery. The gang demands to know where Gangstalicious is and threaten Ruckus with their firearms (which causes Ruckus to defecate on himself in shock).

At the Freeman house, Huey and Grandad watch "Gangstalicious Resurrection", which depicts Gangstalicious' song, "Play It For The Jury", being used as evidence at his assault trial for the jury. Huey wonders where Riley is, because he is missing the show. Back at the hospital, Gangstalicious gets dressed and begins to panic. Riley becomes nervous, so Gangstalicious acts calm to make him feel better. The two carefully attempt to sneak out of the hospital but are quickly found and shot at by the gangsters who were given directions by Ruckus. Gangstalicious pulls out his gun and tries to shoot back, but quickly drops it and runs away with Riley to the parking lot. Riley says they'll have to use Gangstalicious' gun to steal a car and escape, but Gangstalicious admits that he dropped his gun and that he is not a real gangster, which greatly upsets Riley. However, they manage to steal a car from a fan of Gangstalicious, but they are quickly pursued by the three men again in a high speed chase. Riley suggests they go the airport because Gangstalicious has a private jet, but Gangstalicious says that the jet was rented. Riley is upset that Gangstalicious is apparently "broke" and panics as the three men shoot at their vehicle. Riley and Gangstalicious run into traffic and forced to stop to avoid a crash. The three gangsters accidentally crash into Gangstalicious' stolen car and get out to capture the pair. Riley and Gangstalicious are tied up and stuffed into the trunk of their pursuers car and driven to a remote location.

While in the trunk, Gangstalicious tells Riley that when he was his age his favorite rapper was Ice Cube, to which Riley replies, "That dude that makes family movies? He was a gangsta rapper?" Gangstalicious says that he idolized gangsta rappers and began to act them. Reflecting on his life, Gangstalicious admits that while he gained admiration and women, he was pretending to be something that he wasn't and the consequences finally caught up to him, and apologizes to Riley for getting him caught up in his problems. Later that night, the gang finally finds a remote location, where Gangstalicious is stripped, bound, and blindfolded, in preparation for what appears to be a brutal gangland murder. Riley begs them to spare Gangstalicious' life, but, the leader of the three men, Lincoln, says that Riley is too young to understand and that this is about "thuggin' love." Lincoln approaches Gangstalicious and suddenly proclaims his love for him, kissing him passionately on the lips, much to Riley's disgust and confusion. Gangstalicious admits that he cheated on Lincoln while he was on tour and begs for his life. Lincoln orders Gangstalicious to turn around and walk forward, while he and his crew take aim on the gay rapper. Lincoln yells out to Gangstalicious, "We could have had a life together, man!" and the three men open fire, emptying their magazines in his direction. However, every single one of the shots misses Gangstalicious, who then runs away for his life. The gang quickly gives chase and Riley faints from the shock.

Riley wakes up later and walks home. Robert is furious about Riley disobeying him and loudly complains to himself, while Riley tells Huey an exaggerated version of the story, in which he claims to have shot one of his pursuers and, in denial, says that Gangstalicious' homosexuality was apart of a dream.



  • When Lincoln unblindfolds Gangstalicious, proclaims his love and lays a kiss on his lips, the background music is the tenor-baritone duet "Au Fond du Temple Saint" from Georges Bizet's The Pearl Fishers.
  • Gangstalicious, while talking to Riley in his hospital room, quotes Jules Winnfield from the movie Pulp Fiction. The climactic scene in which all three guys empty their guns shooting at a blindfolded Gangstalicious but miss every shot is a reenactment of the gunfight Jules was talking about in the quote. This is one of many references to Pulp Fiction in The Boondocks.
  • Shaquoia Peterson makes a debut appearance in this episode but in a later Season 1 episode, it is said that she died from extreme laughter infront of the TV while watching B.E.T. in 1999. It is unknown how she is still alive.
  • The scene in which Eat Dirt gets hit by a chair is first referenced in an earlier episode, "Granddad's Fight", where Riley theorizes (and proves) that a chair throw, even one that doesn't hit anyone, will incite a riot.
  • This episode contains the third time someone (in this episode Riley) has continued to use the Tropicana quote
  • There are references to a couple of "Eddie Murphy"'s comedy bits. The first one is when Riley is watching the news there is a guy Huey refers to as "Black Eye-Witness Man". This was a bit on Eddie Murphy's comedy CD "Eddie Murphy's Greatest Comedy Hits" where he talks about a guy that witness a man getting hit by a car. They both start the same way. And the second one is when Riley is attempting to throw himself down the stairs so that Granddad can take him to the hospital. As he is rolling down the stairs his shoe flies off and Riley says "my shoe". This is in reference to a bit in "Eddie Murphy Delirious" when he describes his Aunt Bunny falling down the stairs.
  • Gangstalicious's genitals are still blurred on the uncut version.