The Itis was a soul food restaurant managed by Robert Freeman, and owned by Ed Wuncler I, appearing in the episode of the same name.

When Robert expressed a desire to open his own soul food restaurant, Wuncler partnered with him for a business venture, in which they took a vegetarian restaurant that Wuncler owned in Meadowlark Park, and replaced it with The Itis. The restaurant was successful, however the ill effects of its extremely unhealthy food slowly ruined the surrounding neighborhood.

Meadowlark Park's residents became obese and homeless, turning to crime in order to literally feed their addictions. Eventually one customer named Janet O'Siren, who rapidly gained and then lost a lot of weight, blamed The Itis for her health issues and threatened a lawsuit, forcing the restaurant to close down. However Wuncler got what he really wanted in the end: he cheapened the park's value enough, so that he could buy the land and develop over it.