Fried Chicken Flu is the thirteenth episode of the third season of the Adult Swim original series The Boondocks. It aired on August 1, 2010.


Is this how it all ends? When a fast food promotion crosses with a plague of biblical proportions, society spins out of controls faster than you can say "white meat only". Will the Apocalypse come with two sides and a biscuit? Will Huey Freeman's elaborate end-of-the-world survival plan stand up to the ultimate test? Will any of us ever get to eat fried chicken again?!


Grandad and Riley are in the living room, eagerly watching TV coverage about the latest special at KFC, a new type of chicken with 13 spices. Meanwhile, Huey and Jazmine are testing out a generator in the Freeman's garage, but a malfunction turns off all the electricity in the Freeman house. Grandad becomes angered and tells Huey that he will not get Huey anymore supplies for the apocalypse that Huey is preparing for that Grandad believes will not happen. After scolding Huey Grandad and Riley go out to try the new chicken while Jazmine asks Huey while he is fixing the generator that if the end really happened would he make plans for her to which he responds he will, meanwhile Riley and Grand arrive at KFC only to see that there is a mile long wait for the chicken. After a few hours of waiting, Riley and Grandad finally get to the drive-thru, only to hear that there is no more chicken, everybody who waited becomes angered, one man even destroys the drive through machine and drives his car into the restaurant.. After a break there is a news report about the violent outrages at KFC over the fried chicken shortage. At the same time a new mysterious virus of unknown origin appears affecting all 50 states that could rapidly spread to a 100,000 people in a week. Huey deduces the virus came from the fried chicken. Soon Tom brings Jazmine over and asks Huey if she can stay to play their little survival game( to which he is oblivious to the virus and the fact that Huey is actually preparing). Tom leaves to pick up Sarah. Back on the news, people finally realize that the fried chicken is the cause of the flu, but most of the infected still go and buy more fried chicken and the riots for chicken are still happening. Jazmine and Grandad freak out over this but Huey gives them a survival guide he made,Grandad and Riley refuse to read it but Jazimine reads it. Grandad ask Huey what the most impotant stuff is, Huey says it is to keep quiet about their supplies. Jazmine asks Huey if her parents can join. The Freemans say that Tom and Sarah are goners( in a humorous way). Obama appears on tv and says that his family is safe and that everyone else should work together and that there's no cure for the disease.The Freemans and Jazmine go to sleep. The next day Huey awakens to find that Grandad took a bitch named Tina in till the disease frenzy ends.Grandad says that if Huey got Jazmine in, why can't he get someone, Huey justifies Jazmine by saying he planned for 4 people not 5. Thugnificent then appears and says Riley invited him to stay. Thugnificent gets Grandad to allow him and Linard to stay by getting Linard to get all of KFC's food on the menu except the chicken. A few hours pass and its revealed that at least 3,300,000 people will die. Tom and Sarah appear at the door and beg the Freemans to allow them in, Huey is convinced by Jazmine to let them in but not eat.Hours later, Huey comments on how there's not enough food for 9 people. Uncle Ruckus suddenly appears and say he agrees. Everyone questions how he got there and he says he was knocked out when the generator malfunctioned at the beginning of the episode in the Freeman's attic and just woke now. Everyone kicks him out but give him a gas mask. Days later the electricity goes out and Huey and Jazmine put the generator to work and Huey comments how all his work was put to waste. he returns to find that everyone is wasting the energy and the generator soon runs out of energy. Soon a militia with uncle Ruckus appears and demands that the group hand over the supplies. The group then makes homemade teargas bomb and drive the militia away. Soon Jazmine asks about the symptoms of the disease, Huey names them all and Tom exhibits them all. Tom is soon quarantined and reveals that Linard accidentally gave Tom fried chicken so he wouldn't starve. Grandad then kicks out Tina for cheating on him, Thugnificent for having sex with Tina, and Linard for his incompetence. The group plans to leave and go anywhere and put Tom in the trunk of the car so they don't get infected, but Ruckus's militia reappears armed to attack the group, the group run away in a car and end up in a chase with the militia driving a school bus. the group is almost caught until Thugnificent and Linard crash a Ups truck into the school bus to repay the group. However it is revealed on tv in a KFC area that fried chicken disease is actually salmonella and anybody without electricity wouldn't have known,. The groups car then crashes into the KFC, and everyone survived, Granddad and Riley order their food and pass out and the episode ends


  • The scene when the lady says, "I want my motherfucking chicken, my babies want motherfucking chicken!", the word "motherfucking" is still bleeped on DVD.
  • The scenes about the outage of fried chicken was based off of a 2009 news story where Popeye's ran out of chicken. Unlike the cartoon, there wasn't no riot in the 2009 news story.