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"I like ya, and I want ya. Now we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way, the choice is yours."
The Booty Warrior, reciting his catchphrase to his victims.

Fleece Johnson, better known as The Booty Warrior, is the main antagonist of the episode "A Date with the Booty Warrior". He is a homosexual criminal who enjoys sodomizing other men, but shows no interest in attacking women or children. The Booty Warrior is loosely based on a real-life convict named Fleece Johnson, who resided at Kentucky State Penitentiary until September 2015.


The episode begins in 2005, as The Booty Warrior enters a child's house and is approached by To Catch a Predator host, Chris Hansen. The Booty Warrior reveals that he didn't come to have sex with a child: knowing the show well and suspecting the child was a decoy, he, in fact, showed up planning to have sex with Chris. Referring to Hansen as "Chris Handsome," he then says his well-known phrase:

"I like ya, and I want'cha. Now we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way, the choice is yours".

Not caring about the cameras or the police that Hansen has waiting for him, Fleece tells Chris to make his decision as it will happen no matter what. Hansen rebuffs him, which the Booty Warrior takes as Hansen choosing "the hard way." An annoyed Hansen shouts "cut" to get the latter out. The Booty Warrior, going wild, tackles Hansen and easily pins him to the counter. The police enter and he is arrested, but not before forcefully sodomizing Hansen to the latter's frantic screams.

The episode then fast forwards to 2010 when Tom Dubois, hoping to help Huey and Riley and other young students from going to prison and being violated, puts them in the "Scared Stiff Program"; a program where troubled juveniles go to prison and interact with prisoners to learn how life in prison will affect them in hopes of "scaring them straight". Unfortunately, Tom's crippling fear of prison rape skyrockets when the prisoners find him attractive, using him as an example of what the prison system does to people. Tom is stripped to his underwear while the Booty Warrior, present in the program, sees that Tom had a sharpened toothbrush in his pants and pockets it. Explaining how important "booty" is in prison, he tells Tom the same phrase he told Chris Hansen. Tom, terrified, is unable to answer. Again the Booty Warrior takes this as Tom is choosing the hard way, holding him at knife point using the toothbrush. Multiple guards come in and Tom uses a self defense technique he learned in therapy to free himself, immediately running off. As a result, a prison riot starts with hundreds of prisoners easily taking down and possibly raping many of the guards.

The Booty Warrior complains that Tom ran away and has a brief argument with the prisoners. The group, held hostage, feigns not knowing a successful escape plan. Annoyed, the Booty Warrior attempts to find Tom so he can rape him, lying in wait in the showers. Tom realizes that when he helped Uncle Ruckus and the hostages escape that they had left Huey and Riley behind. Feeling responsible for letting the prisoners take the children hostage, Tom decides to go back to save Huey and Riley. Seeing a group of prisoners, Tom ducks into the steamy showers. Before he can see him, the Booty Warrior is then heard saying "Tom come out to play".

The Booty Warrior, completely naked except for his beanie, walks through the steam and starts pelting Tom with soap bars. Surprisingly, Tom stands his ground and they fight, Tom doing surprisingly well but the Booty Warrior gains the upper hand due to his greater strength. Having trapped Tom, he humorously slips on a bar of soap, hitting his head. Tom grabs the soap, screaming "You can't have it!" and throws it at the Booty Warrior. By defeating him, Tom fully conquers his fear of prison rape, inadvertently helped by The Booty Warrior.

Shortly thereafter the rioters give up having lost the leverage they needed, and the prison is brought back under control. It is unknown what happened to the Booty Warrior afterwards but Tom either killed him or he was spared and most likely found by the guards and taken to his cell.


  • He is heavily based on real-life criminal Fleece Johnson, shown here on MSNBC's show, Lockup, with many of his spoken lines being directly taken from his filmed interview including his catch phrase.
  • He was raped by a man, as when one of the African-American prisoners asks who was raped by a man, he raised his hand along with the other prisoners.
  • He calls Chris Hansen, "Chris Handsome."
  • His real name and nickname are both never mentioned in the episode.