These are The Boondocks Wiki rules and guidelines. All users must obey them whenever they contribute to this site (both the wiki and the forum).

But as this wiki rarely gets any users (most of them are short-term contributors), this will not be too detailed. We will keep these rules simple for now, most of these are just basic common sense.


  1. No spam or vandalism. Don't fill up this site with irrelevant crap to show off your juvenile sense of humor. Only an idiot like you could think this is funny.
  2. No hateful or disrespectful behavior. A minor disagreement should not turn into a flame war or troll fest. This is not the place to be acting like overgrown children.
  3. Use proper spelling and grammar. Please don't act like you're barely literate in the English language. This is especially important for the wiki pages, where this will definitely be enforced. But this should also be recommended for forum threads.


If you violate the rules, we might give you a warning, if we're feeling generous. But as you're unlikely to return to this site, justice will usually be swift; especially if you very blatantly break the rules.

The standard punishment shall be a 1-year-long suspension. But should you somehow become a persistent nuisance anyway, we will give you harsher punishments, and maybe ask for the assistance of Wikia's VSTF if it is necessary.

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