The Boondocks Wiki

The manual of style will dictate how we write pages on this wiki. This page is still under construction.


  1. Always use proper spelling and grammar. This is just common sense.
  2. You can only write about known facts. No unproven speculation is allowed on articles; instead use the forums for that.
  3. Every article will begin with a short intro paragraph, with the article title in bold.
  4. The Boondocks should always be italicized. One can refer to either the comic strip or the TV series.
  5. The titles of "episodes" and "songs" should always be in "quotes".
  6. Remember to place images (and maybe videos) in an article if you can. Far too many articles are not illustrated.
  7. Remember to neatly organize everything into sections and paragraphs. Don't create huge walls of run-on sentences and paragraphs.
  8. Preferably keep articles neatly summarized yet informative. Excessive and irrelevant details might be off-putting.
  9. Please put information under one of the relevant sections, rather than just randomly sticking it in a Trivia section.
  10. All articles belong in a sub-category of Category:Content.
  11. All articles should have a format that looks something more or less like this:
[Templates, for example {{Rewrite}} or {{an infobox}}.]
[If there is no infobox, then add [[File:Image_name.type|thumb|right|200px (usually)]].]

'''{{subst:PAGENAME}}''' [Short introduction paragraph, a few sentences long.]

[Information, all separated into paragraphs and sub-sections. DO NOT create long and continuous walls of text.]

[Insert categories ([[Category:Insert name here]]) at the end of the page, obviously.]

In-universe articles

Real world articles


  1. Categories must always contain at least a few pages to sustain it.
  2. Categories themselves must be included in other categories.


  1. Obviously, make sure that photos and videos do not directly violate any intellectual property laws.
  2. Similarly, always give IP credit for a file to whoever it belongs to.
  3. Files should always be uploaded in high definition.
  4. Images must be placed in Category:Images and also in the appropriate sub-categories.
  5. Videos go in Category:Videos of course.


  1. At the end of every template page, remember to type this: