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"The Block is Hot" is the fourteenth episode of the Adult Swim's, The Boondocks. It originally aired on March 12, 2006.


An abnormally-hot winter day causes Woodcrest's citizens to act strangely; meanwhile, Jazmine opens a lemonade stand and, against Huey's advice, sells out to Ed Wuncler I for the price of a pony, but she learns the true value of a hard day's work.


The episode starts out with Huey wearing winter clothing during a heat wave. He passes out fliers on a soapbox while sitting next to Jazmine's Lemonade Parade (All of the E's are backwards). In the meantime, Riley opens a fire hydrant and sprays Uncle Ruckus. Uncle Ruckus calls the police, who quickly arrive in a large group. They begin to surround Uncle Ruckus, and tell him to show ID. He pulls out his safety orange wallet, which the police think is a gun; they begin firing at Ruckus. Ruckus avoids being shot, and pullets out his Emergency Wallet, which the police assume is another gun; they beat him with batons as he thanks them for their service.

Back down the street, Huey fails to get anyone's attention, but Jazmine catches the eye of Mr. Wuncler,  who has some papers made up to commandeer her stand in exchange for a pony he will give to her when she owns a ranch, so she begins working hard in this twist for her pony, while Huey keeps trying to tell her it's a scam. Soon Mr. Wuncler tells Jazmine if she stops working, her pony will be put down, which makes her work harder than ever. Eventually Huey makes a rally team to free Jazmine, and soon a carriage is presented by Mr. Wuncler, and Huey narrates that in the copyright, Jazmine had to sell a certain amount of cups of lemonade for her pony: She sold many cups, but there were prices for the upgrades of her stand, therefore taking away her earned money and making her own a bill to Mr. Wuncler. He then leaves and after the riot and destroying the lemonade stand, snow starts falling, as it is actually February. Lastly, Huey, who successfully saves Jazmine from the near-child labor contract, gives his scarf to her, and then she talks to him about handing people hot cocoa.



  • This episode is mostly a reference to the 1989 comedy-drama film Do the Right Thing.
  • Ed Wuncler, Sr. quotes a line from the intro of Snoop Dogg's "Pump Pump" when arguing with Tom Dubois: "You know the name of the game, your daughter chose me. Now we can handle this like some gentlemen, or we can get into some old gangster shit." In the song itself Snoop Dogg uses "yo bitch" instead of "your daughter" and doesn't refer to it as "old" gangsta shit.
  • When Ed Wuncler Sr. first approaches the lemonade stand he quotes Guru from Gang Starr when he says "Lemonade was a popular drink, and it still is."
  • Huey successfully saves Jazmine from under the near-child labor contract by Ed Wuncler Sr.
  • Running Gag: People keep making fun of Huey's winter clothing, specifically his coat.
  • Jazmine's signature is dated February 5, 2006.