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Robert Sylvester Kelly is an American singer of R&B and hip-hop music, and also a former basketball player.

After being infamously tried and acquitted of urinating on an underage girl, the incident was satirized by The Boondocks, both in the comic strip as well as the TV series episode "The Trial of R. Kelly".


A few years before the episode began, Robert Kelly was charged with having unlawful sexual relations with a then 14-year-old girl, by urinating on her. R. Kelly was tried at the Woodcrest courthouse, and was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Tom DuBois.

Despite video evidence clearly showing R. Kelly not only urinating on the girl, but also giving away his face, name, and social security number, R. Kelly's lawyer put on a crazy defense strategy for his client. He argued that having sex with teen girls was somehow still acceptable for modern times, and that R. Kelly stuck to his own race unlike ADA DuBois and his white wife. This angered the racist all-black jury, who were also all dimwitted fans of R. Kelly. Despite his obvious guilt, Kelly was acquitted. He then partied with his fans to celebrate.



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