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Mr. Williams is the principal of J. Edgar Hoover Elementary School. He is a minor recurring character in both the comics and the show, and is voiced by Sam McMurray in the latter.

Comic strip[]

Ignorant but well-meaning, after Williams learns that Hoover Elementary will have its first black students (such as Huey and Riley), he recommends that Mr. Petto should rent out "black movies" from the video store to be prepared. He also introduces Petto and Huey to each other.

When Petto and Williams learned that Jazmine is biracial, they called her mother Sarah over the phone. They asked her questions about what exactly her daughter's ethnicity was, and wondered if her husband is an NBA basketball player.

TV series[]

Williams is first seen in "A Huey Freeman Christmas", where he is one of the producers for Huey's Christmas play Black Jesus. He argues with Huey about why he's depicting Jesus as a black man. And due to the PTA boycott protesting the lack of their children in the play, he decides to fire Mr. Uberwitz for giving too much creative control to Huey.

Williams also appears in "The Fundraiser", when Hoover Elementary is hosting a chocolate fundraiser. Riley convinces Williams to allow him to sell chocolate bars for personal profit, until the World's Ultimate Chocolate company (which manufactures the candy bars) threaten him into stopping his involvement in Riley's scheme.

In "A Date with the Booty Warrior", Williams suspends Huey, Riley, Butch, and four other boys for fighting; Williams got his arm broken while trying to intervene. He orders them to attend a "scared stiff" field trip to Horton Prison, in order to try and scare them straight away from committing any crimes in the future.


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