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James Peyton, better known by his stage name Pretty Boy Flizzy, is an R&B sensation known for his actions in real-life. After being arrested for armed robbery, Tom Dubois agrees to be his lawyer. But, things become thin between the two because Tom thinks that Flizzy wants to have sex with Sarah (Tom's wife). The two get into a fight at the end until Uncle Ruckus stops the two and arrests Flizzy. As Tom and Sarah get home, the two want to have sex but, pains from Pretty Boy Flizzy led to Tom falling down the stairs when they go into their bedroom. It is unknown if Flizzy has learned his lesson or not but, we won't find out this time.

Flizzy has dated singer Christanna, but he abused her. This is one of many incidents he was in. He is the main antagonist of the episode pretty boy flizzy.


Pretty Boy Flizzy is a direct parody of real-life, successful, but controversial R&B singer and rapper Chris Brown. Like the real-life star, he has personal trouble and problems with the law. Tom tries to help him but, for some reason, Flizzy wants to bang Tom's wife, due to having two songs called, "I Will Do Your Wife" and "White Wife Booty". Tom tries to make him stay away from Sarah, but Flizzy says he wouldn't do his (Tom's) wife.