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Philbert Slowlove is the President and National Director of the "Specially Able Alliance Against Defamation", a special interest group representing the mentally disabled.


Slowlove appears to have some kind of mental disability/illness. Much like Walter Sweetlove and Rollo Goodlove, he also use his activism to extort money from people. He is also shown to be a fan of strawberry milk. He also dislikes profane words against people related to the mentally disabled as he reacted with violence against an ignorant Riley for using the word "retard" twice, although ironically he himself has no problem openly uttering the word "fag" which itself is considered a slur against the LGBT community.


After Rollo lied that Riley is a "special needs" child in order to excuse the boy from the wrath of Sweetlove's gay rights protesters, Slowlove visits the Freemans and asks Riley to appear as the poster boy for a Special Youth Olympics race. Riley is reluctant to pretend that he is mentally handicapped, but has no choice but to go along with it. However after Riley offends everyone present by calling them "retards", Sweetlove leaves him at the mercy of an angry mob.



  • Slowlove was voiced by the late Tommy "Tiny" Lister, the actor who played Debo from the movie Friday and his character design is similar to that of Debo.
  • He appears to be an amazing artist able to draw a highly detailed (and strangely foreshadowing) poster of Riley for the Olympics Race while he was outside for only a few minutes. The Freeman family and Rollo Goodlove themselves were left in awe at this, Huey even regarding it as a special ability.