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Phillip (voiced by Stacy Ferguson and later Ryan Lambert) is a Hoover Elementary student. He has appeared in 2 episodes: "Shinin'" and "The Fundraiser".


In "Shinin'", after Butch Magnus robbed Riley Freeman of his Lethal Interjection chain necklace, Riley asked Ed Wuncler III to help him find Butch and retrieve the chain by force. But despite being given a photo of Butch, Ed III kidnaps the wrong kid, a skinny little nerd named Phil. Ed III is about to torture information out of Phil until Riley intervenes. Riley orders Ed III to let a traumatized Phil go free.

Later in "The Fundraiser", Riley recruits Phil to join his chocolate bar business, along with Jazmine DuBois and Cindy McPhearson. Things are going well until World's Ultimate Chocolate react to Riley's unauthorized competition by using gangster-style intimidation against the children. The WUC thugs kidnap a boy working for Riley, and trap him inside a 4 ft long slab of solid chocolate, which they mail to Riley's house. Upon seeing this, Phil and Jazmine decide to quit.


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