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Omar Abdul Hassan Assad Abad Ali Shahid Muhammad is a jihadist terrorist who had a very painful encounter with Jack Flowers.


Omar Muhammad is a Muslim militant who was captured near Kabul, Afghanistan by US Navy SEALS, and was thrown into a military prison. After CIA agents failed to get any info out of him, the US government sent their best interrogator: Agent Jack Flowers of the Central Terrorist Agency (CTA).

When Omar refused to identify any possible targets for an upcoming terrorist attack, Jack used his signature torture technique: several swift kicks to Omar's groin, which ended with Flowers running from afar and pulverizing his testicles with a steel boot. Out of painful desperation, Omar yelled out a random place name: Woodcrest.

However Omar Muhammad turned out to be a red herring. While there was indeed a conspiracy to detonate a bomb in downtown Woodcrest, it had nothing to do with Islamic extremism whatsoever. It was actually a convoluted plan by a local businessman, his grandson, and his henchman to profit from the attempted murder of a lone security guard.