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Officer Frank is a member of the Woodcrest Police Force, appearing only in Season 1 in "A Date With The Health Inspector." He was severely wounded in a shootout between Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy and the owners of a gas station mini-mart who may or may not have been terrorists.


Right before Ed and Rummy, along with Huey and Riley, pull up to a gas station to stop for drinks, Officer Frank arrives in his squad car and enters the mini-mart. Soon, the duo target the cashier, claiming him to be "of terrorist descent," and convincing him he is in fact dangerous. A shootout ensues, in which Frank is shot point blank multiple times. After being consoled (poorly) by Ed and Rummy, he is once again shot and falls to the ground. He is carried off in a stretcher, and seen in a newspaper photo at the hospital with Ed and Rummy.