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"I gots to have it, ya dig?"
Nique Freeman

Nique Freeman is the son of Jericho Freeman and second cousin once removed of Robert Freeman. His only appearance is in Invasion of the Katrinians, where his parents, grandmother, siblings, nephews and nieces move in with Granddad, Huey and Riley following Hurricane Katrina.

He is voiced by Lil Wayne, a New Orleans native, and the character design seems to be inspired by his voice actor.


In the (distant) aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Jericho Freeman Clan makes it up to Woodcrest seeking refuge from cousin Robert, which he reluctantly provides. Like his father, Nique is portrayed as a freeloader, mooching off the resources of their relatives with no indication of contributing to his own well being. He has a girlfriend who is pregnant.

Nique is particularly excited by the Freeman's abundance of new technology, such as their video games and sound system. He also borrows one of Riley's fitted caps.

After weeks of living with Robert, he threatens to kick him and his father out if they don't get a job, much to his dismay. Later, they receive their FEMA relief check (though they tell Robert otherwise) and return to New Orleans.