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"Ugh! Look at you! Didn't I tell you you wasn't gon' be shit with yo stupid ugly wife and yo stupid ugly chirrens! I cain't wait to die so I don't have to look at yo ugly, black, n***a ass no mo. Goddamn it!"

Nelly Ruckus is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Mister Ruckus) of the Adult Swim TV series The Boondocks.

She is Uncle Ruckus' grandmother. She was very abusive towards Mister Ruckus (which is one of the main reasons why Mister was so abusive towards Uncle Ruckus).


Nelly is an extremely cruel, obnoxious, and rude old woman to her grandkids as seen as she just comes into Uncle's house without permission and staying at the Freeman residence without Robert's consent.


Nelly visited Mister and his family and announced that she was dying, she then proceeds to insult Mister for his lack of accomplishment, causing Mister to get angry.

Nelly reunited with Uncle Ruckus after he was kicked out of his home when news of her impending death came (according to Mister Ruckus, she had said so multiple times, mostly for 96 years). She criticized Ruckus for his living habits, and later followed him to the Freeman home. After seeing how much more successful the Freemans' were, she decided she wanted to die in that home, much to the dismay of Robert and the boys. The rest of the Ruckus family came over to watch her die, which she did after Ruckus' argument with his father. Then later, at her funeral, Darryl read her final words to her family, which included her two wishes: one was to die, the other was that Mister would reach the grave before her. Both wishes were fulfilled when, during the ensuing argument between Uncle and Mister, Mister flared up his old back injury and fell into her open grave before her casket could be lowered in, dying of a broken neck.


  • Technically Nelly's wish wasn't fulfilled because when she meant that she wanted her son to reach the grave first probably meant she wanted her son to die before she did.
  • Like Uncle, she has a leitmotif.


”N***a i thought you was a burglar! A big fat funky nasty stinking black one-eyed motherfucking burglar! Why the fuck didn’t you knock n***a, you raggedy son of a bitch!?”

”I don’t know who’d wanna keep living in this world. The economy’s gone down the goddamn toilet. Got disease, war, oil spills, fucking food shortages. I bet people gonna start eating each other! They probably gonna eat them childrens first! Flesh more tender.”