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"I admit I am envious of you. In China, if you lose 20 billion dollars, they shoot you. Here, they give you another 20 billion dollars!"
Long-Dou, to Ed Wuncler I.

Mr. Long-Dou is a Chinese billionaire and entrepreneur from Wushung, who only appears in "The Red Ball". He is the grandfather of Ming, and is one of Ed Wuncler I's major business partners (and rivals).


Mr. Long-Dou holds a private meeting with Ed Wuncler I, as the latter owes huge debts to the former. In order to pay off his debts, Wuncler bets everything he owns, including almost all real estate in the town of Woodcrest, on a kickball game between their two cities' respective kickball teams. He eventually leaves Woodcrest and Wuncler alone after the victory of the Woodcrest team over the Wushung team.


While Mr. Long-Dou has an unfailingly polite and respectful demeanor, he is still a very dishonest and greedy business tycoon, quite similarly to Ed Wuncler I. He is also a gambling addict, which is why he agreed to settle Wuncler's debts to him over a sports match. He is not above exploiting loopholes, bribing the kickball referee, or encouraging his hometown's team to engage in very blatant acts of cheating and brutality against their opponents in order to win.

But despite this, Long-Dou does have some redeeming qualities, and comes off as being less of an unpleasant person compared to Wuncler. He seems to genuinely respect Wuncler as both a frenemy and worthy rival, and despite using various dishonest tactics during the kickball game, he ultimately honors his bet with Wuncler and accepts his losses rather gracefully.

Perhaps the greatest difference between Long-Dou and Wuncler are their relationships with their respective grandchildren. Long-Dou actually seems to love his granddaughter Ming and cares about her wellbeing; as he rushes over to see if she's okay after she was critically injured by Huey at the end of the game, even calling an ambulance for Ming and her teammates. This is much unlike how Ed Wuncler treats his grandson Ed Wuncler III, reacting with cold indifference whenever he was injured, even leaving Ed III and the other Woodcrest players to just sit on the bleachers and suffer in pain, instead of getting them any immediate medical treatment.