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Old Nun
"Boys, there's great power in forgiveness, self-sacrifice, and thinking of yourself last."
Mother Maria to Huey and Riley.

Mother Maria is an elderly Catholic nun from Europe. She was known as a humanitarian who helped the poor and desperate. Huey Freeman met Maria as she lay dying of illness in a hospital bed, right next to Kardashia Kardashian.

Maria told Huey her tragic life story, as she tried helping people during World War II. Huey tried to bring other people's attention to Maria, but their focus was all on Kardashia's dying moments.

After Kardashia succumbed to her fatally self-inflicted butt injuries, the reality TV crew offered Maria a chance to be on television. Much to Huey's dismay, Maria makes outrageous claims like being Dwight D. Eisenhower's mistress, and surviving syphilis.



  • Mother Maria is based on Mother Theresa, even down to maintaining a façade of kindly figure while not being honest about her true nature.