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A Date With The Health Inspector 10

The store owners getting arrested after the shootout.

The mini-mart staff are a trio of Middle Eastern men who ran a small convenience store in Woodcrest. One of the store owners knows Ed Wuncler II, who helped him start the business for unknown reasons.

One night, Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy decided to commit an armed robbery of the convenience store, claiming that the owner is a terrorist. That allegation may or may not have been true, as the owner and his two co-workers retaliated by firing machine guns at Ed and Rummy. During the ensuing gunfight, nobody was hurt except for a single cop (who survived).

After the shootout, the police arrived and arrested the store owners, as not only were they allegedly terrorists, but Ed III and Gin Rummy enjoy Ed Wuncler I's legal protection for any crime they commit.