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Ming Long-Dou is a young Chinese girl who only appeared in "The Red Ball". She is the granddaughter of the wealthy Wushung businessman Mr. Long-Dou, and is captain of their local kickball team. She serves as Huey's personal rival during the kickball game between Woodcrest and Wushung.


At the age of 3, Ming was taken under her grandfather's wing, and he had her go through rigorous kickball training at a sports center just outside of Beijing. He told her that in order to control the ball, she must control herself. The years of hard training paid off, and she became a master player of kickball, always eager for the next victory.

Ming came to Woodcrest just to face Huey in the kickball game, hoping to prove herself against a truly worthy opponent. He rejects her offer at first, but after she gives him a demonstration, he agrees to play on the grounds it will just be a simple game of kickball. Towards the end of the game, Huey confronts her about her brutal style of play. Ming then claims that she was never given any choice in life besides playing kickball; and that if her team loses the game, they will be sent to a prison camp in China for athletes who shamed their country by losing internationally. However, none of this is actually true; Huey begins to throw the game, until he overhears Ming and her teammates laughing at him for falling for her fake sob story. Enraged by this manipulation, Huey retaliates and is now more determined than before to defeat Ming.

The two kids eventually face off in the final play of the game. Huey charges the ball with chi (Chinese for 'energy') and throws it into the air, follows it up, and kicks the ball hard at Ming, turning it into a fireball. Ming manages to kick the ball, but her ankle breaks in the process. Huey stops the ball, breaking his wrists in the process, before tagging her out and winning the game. Ming is then seen being put into an ambulance to recover from the injuries to her leg.


Ming is both ruthlessly and obsessively competitive at kickball. She cares only about proving herself to be the best, and will do anything it takes to win. She is not above deceiving her adversaries to gain an advantage over them; as shown when she lied to Huey about her motives for playing, making up a fake sob story about how she was forcibly taken away from her parents by the Chinese government, and will risk being thrown into a harsh prison camp for failed athletes if she loses the kickball game. Huey felt pity for her and started going too easy on his opponents, up until he realized that Ming lied to him, and she is even seen mockingly laughing at him with her teammates for being so gullible.

She has a cool, cunning, and calculated demeanor. The fact that she can fluently speak English with a minimal Chinese accent would indicate that is she is very well-educated, as expected for a member of one of the wealthiest families in China. Like Huey, she has shown nigh-superhuman abilities thanks to her intense physical training, but she only uses them in kickball. Ming is very confident in her abilities, but still felt the need to prove herself against a worthy opponent like Huey.