Michael Caesar (known simply as Caesar) is a fictional pre-teen of African American and Jamaican descent from the United States comic strip The Boondocks, created by Aaron McGruder. He is Huey's classmate and best friend during the strip's run, formerly from Brooklyn, New York, who was moved to the fictional predominately white suburb of Woodcrest, under circumstances similar to Huey's. He hasn't appeared in the TV series.

Character description

Though Caesar shares similar ground with Huey in many social and political aspects, he differs from him in that he tends to possess a more optimistic, jocular outlook in life; he is the one who prefers to cheerfully mock whatever issue is at hand. For example, Caesar was responsible for devising the notion that all U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice needed was a boyfriend, reasoning that if she came to truly love somebody living on the planet she wouldn't be so "hell bent to destroy it."

Caesar is also an aspiring MC and comic who enjoys challenging Huey to the dozens contests, though such attempts have always miscarried.