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This is a list of songs from The Boondocks TV series and official mixtape albums; this list includes both vocal songs and instrumental music, whether licensed or original.

TV series[]

Each of these songs are listed in order of the first episode they appeared in, as some were featured in multiple episodes or even multiple seasons.

Opening and ending themes[]

Title Performer(s) Episode(s)
"Judo Flip" Asheru All episodes
"Ending Theme" Asheru Most episodes, except
"The Story of Catcher Freeman"
"Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy"
"The Fried Chicken Flu"
"Pretty Boy Flizzy"
"Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has"

Recurring songs[]

Title Performer(s) Episode(s)
"Don't Trust Them New N***as Over There" Uncle Ruckus (Gary Williams)

Slaves (chorus)

"The Garden Party"

"The Story of Catcher Freeman"

"Booty Butt Cheeks" Thugnificent (Carl Jones) Season 1
"The Trial of R. Kelly"
"The Real"
"Return of the King"
"Let's Nab Oprah"
Season 2
"The Story of Thugnificent"
"The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show"
Season 3
"Bitches to Rags"
"The Fried Chicken Flu"
"Stomp 'em in the Nuts" Thugnificent (Carl Jones) Season 2
"Stinkmeaner Strikes Back"
"The Story of Thugnificent"
"Home Alone"
Season 3
"It's Goin' Down"
Season 4
"The New Black"

Season 1[]

Title Performer(s) Episode(s)
"Gold Digger" Kanye West
Jamie Foxx
"Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner"
"She's No Good" Asheru "Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner"
"Freddie's Dead" Curtis Mayfield "Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner"
"Eye of the Tiger" Survivor "Granddad's Fight"
"Guillotinz" Raekwon
Ghostface Killah
Inspectah Deck
"Granddad's Fight"
"Thuggin' Love" Gangstalicious (Mos Def) "The Story of Gangstalicious"
"A Heart Is a House for Love" Tom DuBois (Cedric Yarbrough) "The Real"
"I Can See Clearly Now" Tom DuBois (Cedric Yarbrough) "The Real"
"Wishin'" Edo G
Masta Ace
"Return of the King"
"Make the Music With Your Mouth, Biz" Tom DuBois (Cedric Yarbrough) "The Itis"
"Straight Outta the Oven, Made with Nothin' But Lovin" Asheru "The Itis"
"Raid" Madvillain "Let's Nab Oprah"
"Strange Ways" Madvillain "Let's Nab Oprah"
"ALL CAPS" Madvillain "Let's Nab Oprah"
"Today" Tom Scott "Riley Wuz Here"
"They Reminisce Over You" Pete Rock
CL Smooth
"Riley Wuz Here"
"Fancy Clown" Madvillain "Wingmen"
"Fight the Power" Public Enemy "The Block Is Hot"
"I Believe In It" Isabelle Antenna "The Passion of Reverend Ruckus"

Season 2[]

Title Performer(s) Episode(s)
"Sarah Smile" Tom DuBois (Cedric Yarbrough)
Usher (Affion Crockett)
"Tom, Sarah and Usher"
"Blue Eyes" Elton John "Tom, Sarah and Usher"
"Burn" Tom DuBois (Cedric Yarbrough)
Backup dancers (chorus)
"Tom, Sarah and Usher"
"A Pinebox Story" Raekwon "Stinkmeaner Strikes Back"
"Eff Granddad" Nate Dogg
Thugnificent (Carl Jones)
Macktastic (Snoop Dogg)
Flonominal (Busta Rhymes)
"The Story of Thugnificent"
"I Got a Love" Pete Rock
CL Smooth
"Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch"
"Never Gonna Give You Up" Rick Astley "Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch"
"It's Terrible in Terra-Belle" Thugnificent (Carl Jones) "Shinin'"
"Roundball Rock" John Tesh "Ballin'"
"Adagio for Strings" Samuel Barber "Home Alone"
"Take Our Black Asses Outta Here" Slaves (chorus) "The Story of Catcher Freeman"
"Charging Fort Wagner" Boys Choir of Harlem "The Story of Catcher Freeman"
"Homies Over Hoes" Gangstalicious (Mos Def) "The Story of Gangstalicious Part 2"
"Go Go Gadget Gospel" Rollo Goodlove (Cee Lo Green) "The Hunger Strike"
"Is It Because I'm Black?" Syl Johnson "The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show"

Season 3[]

Title Performer(s) Episode(s)
"Dick Riding Obama" (unknown voice actor)
Thugnificent (Carl Jones)
"It's a Black President, Huey Freeman"
"Crank That Artichoke" Sergeant Gutter (Denzel Whitaker) "Bitches to Rags"
"Show You How to Cook" JJ the Genius "Bitches to Rags"
"Park Theme" JJ the Genius "The Red Ball"
"America the Beautiful" Woodcrest spectators (chorus) "The Red Ball"
"Step Back, Silverback" Jimmy Rebel (Greg Travis) "The Story of Jimmy Rebel"
"Keep Them N***as Outta NASCAR" Uncle Ruckus (Gary Williams) "The Story of Jimmy Rebel"
"I Love You" Jimmy Rebel (Greg Travis) "The Story of Jimmy Rebel"
"The President's a N****r" Jimmy Rebel (Greg Travis)
Uncle Ruckus (Gary Williams)
"The Story of Jimmy Rebel"
"One Good N****r" Jimmy Rebel (Greg Travis) "The Story of Jimmy Rebel"
"Send the Beaners Back Down to Mexico" Jimmy Rebel (Greg Travis)
Uncle Ruckus (Gary Williams)
"The Story of Jimmy Rebel"
"B.A.N." Colonel Stinkmeaner (Cedric Yarbrough)
David Banner
"Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy"
"Stinkmeaner Scatting" Colonel Stinkmeaner (Cedric Yarbrough) "Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy"
"Know the Ledge" Eric B.
"Smokin' with Cigarettes"
"Candy" JJ the Genius "The Fundraiser"
"It's Alright to Crossdress for Christ" Winston Jerome (Affion Crockett)
Theater troupe (chorus)
"Let The Love Come Through" Roland Shaw and his Orchestra and Chorus "The Lovely Ebony Brown"
"I'm Gonna Get Some Chicken" Riley Freeman (Regina King) "The Fried Chicken Flu"
"Bone Sucking Good" MC Hammer "The Fried Chicken Flu"

Season 4[]

Title Performer(s) Episode(s)
"I Will Do Your Wife" Pretty Boy Flizzy (Michael B. Jordan) "Pretty Boy Flizzy"
"Good Times" Jim Gilstrap
Blinky Williams
"Good Times"
"Bomb Wave Cream" Metaphor The Great Breaking Granddad
"Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around" Sturdy Harris (Dennis Haysbert)
Diane Nash (Dawnn Lewis?)
Freedom Riders (chorus)
"Freedom Ride or Die"
"Stinkmeaner Forever" Stinkmeaner clone (Cedric Yarbrough) "Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has"

Mixtape albums[]

These are the official soundtracks released for every season of the show, containing some old songs from the show, along with many new songs by various artists. Keep in mind though that some of these tracks are not music.


Cover Title Season Released
MIX-S1 Hip-Hop Docktrine: The Official Boondocks Mixtape Season 1 2006
MIX-S2-HOJ Hip-Hop Docktrine 2: The Saga Continues
(Hall of Justus Edition)
Season 2 2007
MIX-S2-THUG Hip-Hop Docktrine 2: The Saga Continues
(Thugnificent Edition)
Season 2 2007
MIX-S3 Hip-Hop Docktrine 3: The Final Chapter Season 3 2010
MIX-S4 The Boondocks Mixtape: Season 4 Season 4 2014

Hip-Hop Docktrine: The Official Boondocks Mixtape[]

# Title Performer(s)
1 "I" Asheru
2 "The Boondocks Theme" Asheru
3 "The Hustle" Black Lincolns
4 "More or Less" Talib Kweli
5 "Let It Go" Little Brother
Mos Def
6 "The Bodega" Skyzoo
7 "Gangstalicous Resurrection" Various artists
8 "Asheru Speaks" Asheru
9 "Panthers" Dead Prez
Last Poets
10 "Politricks" Akir
11 "Revolution" Asheru
12 "Nag Champa" Common
13 "They Say" Method Man
Lauryn Hill
CL Smooth
14 "It Don't Feel Right" The Roots
15 "Fahrenheit" Doujah Raze
16 "Breaking News" Sway Calloway
17 "The Format" AZ
18 "Let's Go" Pharoah Monch
19 "Mood Swing" Asheru
Talib Kweli
20 "The Boondocks" Tough Junkie
21 "Old School" Danger Doom
Talib Kweli
22 "Whip You With a Strap" Ghostface Killah
23 "Angels" MF Doom
Ghostface Killah
24 "Hip Hop" Black Star
25 "Wishing" Edo G
Masta Ace
26 "Gangstalicious Resurrection Pt. 2" Various artists
27 "New York Shit" (1) Hi-Tek
28 "New York Shit" (2) Jean Grae
Talib Kweli
29 "They Reminisce Over You" Pete Rock
CL Smooth
30 "Asheru Speaks 2" Asheru
31 "N***as" Asheru
32 "Little People" The Procussions
33 "Smiling Faces" Gnarls Barkley
34 "Outro" Asheru

Hip-Hop Docktrine 2: The Saga Continues[]

Hall of Justus Edition[]

# Title Performer(s)
1 "League Crew Intro" Wally Sparks
2 "Intro" Little Brother
3 "The Boondocks Theme 2.0" Chaundon
4 "Hip-Hop Docktrine" Dub Floyd
5 "No Fear" Cool Cee Brown
6 "Walk This Way" Tanya Morgan
7 "Honey" Erykah Badu
Little Brother
8 "Never Sleep" Skyzoo
9 "A Brooklyn Summer" Skyzoo
Joell Ortiz
10 "T.R.O.Y." Ja$
11 "Phonte Speaks" Little Brother
12 "The Rap Game" Cormega
Little Brother
13 "Lose It" Jozeemo
Little Brother
14 "sLAyers" j.Davey
Pacific Division
Diz Gibran
Bleu Collar
15 "Rise to Fall" Little Brother
16 "Black Boy" Pugs Atomz
Hall of Fame
17 "Cops & Go" Skyzoo
Sha Stimuli
18 "The N Word Song" Sha Stimuli
19 "The Trial" L.E.G.A.C.Y.
20 "Respect It" Illa J
Big Pooh
Bishop Lamont
21 "Dillagence" DJ Spinna
22 "Yellow Lines" Cunninglynguists
23 "Let Go" Rashid Hadee
24 "Supa Woman" Amanda Diva
25 "Phonte's Favorite Characters" Little Brother
26 "Bout to be Some" Tanya Morgan
27 "Blu Checks In" Blu
28 "The Only Way" Blu
29 "Skyzoo Speaks" Skyzoo
30 "I Love Her Again" P.H.E.A.R.
31 "Bonita Applebum" A Tribe Called Quest
32 "Outro" Little Brother

Thugnificent Edition[]

# Title Performer(s)
1 "Intro" Metaphor the Great
2 "Hip-Hop Docktrine 2 Intro" Metaphor the Great
3 "Balance" HUYUSHERU
4 "These Days" Muneshine
Emilio Rojas
5 "Forever" Main Flow
6 "Thugnificent: Rags To Bitches" Sway Calloway
7 "Hopeless" Blackstar
India Arie
8 "Bewitched" Barak Yalad
9 "It's a Wrap" Jean Grae
10 "Rags to Bitches" Thugnificent (Carl Jones)
Macktastic (Snoop Dogg)
Flonominal (Busta Rhymes)
11 "Asheru Checks In" Asheru
12 "Keep on Rockin" Asheru
Hernon Gibran
13 "Whatever it Takes" Rashid Hadee
14 "Metaphor the Great Speaks" Metaphor the Great
15 "Riley's Theme" Metaphor the Great
16 "N***a Moment" Ghostface Killah
17 "Save Me Baby" Ghostface Killah
18 "Maybe" NYOIL
19 "Grew Up" Dres
20 "Huey & Riley Party with the Lethal Interjection Crew" Thugnificent (Carl Jones)
Macktastic (Snoop Dogg)
Flonominal (Busta Rhymes)
21 "Start to Finish" Talib Kweli
22 "AZ & Styles P Check In" AZ
Styles P
23 "The Hardest Out" AZ
Styles P
24 "Pacific Division Checks In" Pacific Division
25 "For Real" Pacific Division
26 "Hydrant Game" Quasimoto
Ghostface Killah
27 "Shout Outs" Metaphor the Great
28 "Do That" Metaphor the Great
29 "Rap Beef N***a" Thugnificent (Carl Jones)
Robert Freeman (John Witherspoon)
30 "Eff Granddad" Nate Dogg
Thugnificent (Carl Jones)
Macktastic (Snoop Dogg)
Flonominal (Busta Rhymes)
31 "Castlevania" U-N-I
32 "Not For Me" Tough Junkie
33 "The Spokesman" Phene
34 "Retaliation" Robert Freeman (John Witherspoon)
35 "I'm Metaphor" Metaphor the Great
36 "Break Bread" Hi-Tek
Crunch Ex
37 "The Life & Times of Col. H. Stinkmeaner" Huey Freeman (Regina King)
38 "B.A.N." Colonel Stinkmeaner (Cedric Yarbrough)
David Banner
39 "Dollar Circulate" St. Laz
40 "Outro" Metaphor the Great

Hip-Hop Docktrine 3: The Final Chapter[]

# Title Performer(s)
1 "Hip Hop Docktrine 3 Intro" Unknown
2 "The Boondocks Theme (Extended)" Asheru
The Els
3 "Intro" Asheru
David Banner
Mike Bigga
4 "The Boondocks" Asheru
Raheem DeVaughn
5 "Channel 3" David Banner
6 "GURU Salute" Mike Bigga
7 "Hip Hop Raw" The Away Team
8 "Tell It Like It Is" Rapsody
9 "Wonderful" Young Scolla
10 "N***a Moment" Pro'Verb
Nando Mcflyy
11 "F.B.G.M. 2010" Big Remo
Thee Tom Hardy
12 "Slow Down" David Banner
13 "Money Outchea" Big K.R.I.T.
14 "Hunger" Pugs Atomz
K Sparks
15 "Lightning In A Bottle" Headkrack
16 "The Overdose" Phil Nash
17 "Last Days" Asheru
Jabba (HHP)
18 "Mic Check" Metaphor the Great
19 "Boo Hoo" Thee Tom Hardy
20 "Show Up Drunk" Spec Boogie
Von Pea
Che Grand
21 "Imagination Land" Tough Junkie
22 "Hot Mess" Big TReaL
23 "Worldwide G's" Mike Bigga
Bun B
24 "I Am" Mikkey Halsted
25 "One Two" Illpo
26 "Hip Hop Educational Literacy Program" Asheru
27 "The Cycle" Carlita Durand
Tab One
28 "Much More" Promise
Darien Brockington
Von Pea
29 "On My Way Up" Phene
Jay Rock
Wil Guice
30 Soular System Jabee
31 40 Bars Ed E. Ruger
32 S-A-U-K-R-A-T-E-S Saukrates
33 "Walk Thru Town" Tyler Durand
34 "Damn Right" L.E.G.A.C.Y.
35 "Road Warrior" Dres
36 "Hold Your Own" Grip Plyaz
Aleon Craft
37 "Fill In The Rest" Nico The Beast
38 "Strange" David Banner
Big Remo
39 "Down In The Boondocks" Natural Habitz
40 "Outro" Asheru
David Banner
Mike Bigga

The Boondocks Mixtape: Season 4[]

# Title Performer(s)
1 "Boonies" Killer Mike
2 "Blanco" Troy Ave
3 "Two-9" Fat Tony
4 "Pascals" Earth Gang
5 "Slangin" Wara
6 "Know Shit" Chevy Woods
Roscoe Dash
7 "Riley's Theme" Reese
8 "Stunt 101" Anik Khan
9 "Paint A Picture" Skeme
10 "Sometimes" Michael Christmas
11 "The City" Jon Connor
12 "GreenGreed" Charlie Red
13 "Whatchu Get" Lil Herb
14 "Same Ole Shit" Childish Major
Smoke Dza
Matik Estanda
15 "Famous" Sean Faylon
16 "Talkin Now" Tuki Carter
17 "Keep It Real" Problem
Badd Lucc
18 "Ed Wuncler III" MPulse