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Lincoln is a drug-dealing gangster, and the secret ex-boyfriend of Gangstalicious (AKA Frederick). He is the main antagonist of "The Story of Gangstalicious".


Some time ago before the episode began, Lincoln secretly dated Freddy, however their breakup turned sour and violent.

While Gangstalicious was recovering in the hospital (after he had been shot for the second time), Lincoln and two of his fellow gangsters arrived to finish him off. Gangstalicious escaped the hospital with a visiting fan named Riley, and a car chase ensued. However the pursuit ended with Gangstalicious and Riley getting kidnapped.

They were taken to the forest outside Woodcrest. Lincoln gave a final kiss to Gangstalicious, resulting in a disgusted Riley learning the truth about his favorite rapper's sexuality. Lincoln and his crew then fired their guns at a naked Gangstalicious, but every bullet somehow missed. They then gave up on trying to execute him.