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Lando is the title character of "The Story of Lando Freeman". Lando is a landscaper who claims to be the son of Robert Freeman, although his only proof is a picture and extensive knowledge on one of Granddad's past lovers (Lando's late mother Marietta).

Robert hoping to get rid of his so-called son, goes to Gin Rummy for help. After consulting with Rummy, he decides to go on The Steve Wilkos Show to get a paternity test. Robert finds out that Lando is his son after being abused by Steve Wilkos, and Lando it turns defends his father from Wilkos. Robert accepts Lando into his home with the alternative being that Rummy kills him. After bonding with the family, Huey finds out that The Steve Wilkos Show could have been lying about the paternity test. He calls the show only to find out that Lando really isn't Granddad's son. After Lando leaves, the actor Billy Dee Williams pulls up in front of the Freeman home and reveals that Lando is his son and goes off to search for him.


  • He's approximately 7 feet tall (2.13 m) according to Riley and 198 lbs. (89.81 kg) according to Ruckus.
  • If Lando was Robert's son, then he would be Huey and Riley's uncle but to Riley thought he would be his little n***a.
  • Robert had a one-night stand in the 80's with a woman named Marietta, also Lando's mom's name.
  • Billy D. Williams is his real father.
  • His mother Marietta died.