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John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon (January 27, 1942 – October 29, 2019) was the voice actor who played Robert Freeman during the first four seasons of The Boondocks (2005-2014). He was also well known for his role as "Pops" in the sitcom The Wayans Bros..

Early life and career[]

Witherspoon was born in Detroit, Michigan. He had combined a career as a stand-up comic with appearances on television and films.

Most of his roles in films have been as humorously cantankerous characters as seen in House Party, Vampire in Brooklyn and the Friday films. More recent roles include Robert "Granddad" Freeman in the animated television show The Boondocks.

Witherspoon, along with the likes of Paul Mooney, Robin Williams, Sandra Bernhard, and Tim Reid appeared on the groundbreaking and controversial NBC sketch comedy series The Richard Pryor Show, which was the brainchild of Richard Pryor. He was a regular on the sitcom The Wayans Bros.. He also appeared in Good Times, What's Happening!!, and Martin.

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