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Jingmei is a minor character who only appears in the episode "The Red Ball". He is an ethnic Tibetan immigrant from China, who plays for the Woodcrest kickball team out of personal hatred for the Han Chinese. He is voiced by Dante Basco.


Not much is known about Jingmei besides the fact that he was born in the Chinese province of Tibet. He immigrated to the United States, and currently lives in the city of Woodcrest with his "hot Caucasian wife" and biracial infant daughter, as described and shown by Ed Wuncler I to maintain Jingmei's eligibility on the team.


Jingmei is a proud Tibetan nationalist/separatist who advocates for the independence of Tibet from China. He holds a great amount of animosity against the Han Chinese, and enthusiastically joins Huey's kickball team to "defeat the Chinese oppressors at kickball".