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The "ol' Jericho Freeman Clan" is Jericho Freeman's name for his very large immediate family, and a subset of the Freeman Family. The family lived in New Orleans, Louisiana until they were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, then presumably moved back after receiving a FEMA relief check. Jericho is Robert's second cousin.


The Jericho Freeman Clan is based in New Orleans, and many of the family member speak with a noticable drawl. Like Robert, Huey and Riley, they are light-skinned except for Nique (dark-skinned like voice actor Lil Wayne) and Jericho's wife Lorna Ray.

According to Robert, the last time he and Jericho saw each other was at least 35 years prior. Prior to their reunion, Jericho and his family lived out of their RV equipped with chrome rims.


Jericho Freeman[]

The head of the family, a former construction worker who had been rejected from employment following the storm and has devolved into a lazy freeloader upon moving in with Robert.

Lorna Ray Freeman[]

Jericho's high-strung wife, who is never satisfied with what Robert, Huey, and Riley do for her.

Jericho's Mother[]

Jericho's mother is portrayed to be deeply, if not stereotypically, religious, often uttering the phrase "Praise Jesus."

Nique Freeman[]

Jericho's eldest son, who like his father refuses to get a job and mooches off Robert. He is infatuated with modern technology (similar to Ed Wuncler III), and constantly borrows that of Huey and Riley.

Nique's girlfriend, who is pregnant, is also traveling with the family.

Rolanda Freeman[]

Jericho's eldest daughter, who is the mother to at least some (Jericho says she has four, but names six) of the young children. Not seen often, her design and demeanor seem to be a mix of her mother and her brother Nique.

Whitney Freeman[]

Whitney is the most prominent of the young children of the family. She is either one of Rolanda's 4-6 kids, or Jericho's youngest daughter (she calls him "daddy" when talking to Robert). Her innocent personality often hits a soft spot in Robert's otherwise hostile attitude towards her family.

Young Children[]

In addition to Whitney, there are at least three young boys, presumed to be the children of Rolanda. They are most often seen and heard roughousing, frequently destroying property.