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Jericho Freeman's unnamed mother is a minor character that appears in the episode "Invasion of the Katrinians." She is a very devout Christian who loves God and like her son, Jericho, anxiously awaits the FEMA check in the mail throughout the episode.

Invasion of the Katrinians[]

In the episode, Jericho's mother comes over to Robert's house with her family and stays there until they receive their check from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Throughout the episode, Jericho's mother can be seen praying and shouting "Praaiiiiiise JEEESUS!!!!!!!!!!" In fact, Jericho's mother in one scene prays for Robert Freeman and asks Jesus to provide for him "as he keeps providing for them." In another scene, when one of the children knocks down and breaks Robert's lamp, Jericho's mother can be heard in the background yelling "The Lord will provide another lamp! Praise Jesus!!!" Overall, although she is an extremely religious woman, she's also a very seemingly kind woman who, unlike her son, has no malign intent of being greedy and using up all of Robert's goods until they're able to get back up on their feet.



"I ask You to bless him, Lord, and keep providing for him, Lord, so that he may keep providing for us, Lord! JESUS!!!! Amen! As we walk in Your glory..."
Jericho's mother praying for Robert before he pushes her away from him.

"The Lord will provide another lamp! PRAISE JESUS!!!!!"
Jericho's mother after one of the children knocks down and breaks Robert's lamp.

"In Jesus' name, we praise Jesus!!!!"
Jericho's mother after Robert allows Jericho and his family to stay until their FEMA check arrives.