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"When I want something or I'm afraid about something, I pray."
Jazmine DuBois

Jazmine DuBois is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Tom DuBois) of The Boondocks.

She is the biracial daughter of Tom and Sarah DuBois, who are black and white respectively. She is portrayed as a very sweet, naïve, and sincere little girl, in strong contrast to all the rude and cynical people who surround her; most prominently her neighbor and friend Huey Freeman. In the comics, her mixed racial ancestry fuels a great deal of her personal insecurities. However, this aspect of her personality is much less prominent in the animated series.


In the animated series, Jazmine is shown to be wide-eyed and emotional, sometimes to the point of being melodramatic. In fact, her first words on screen are "Terrorists have my daddy!", yelled at Huey after Tom failed to come home on time in "A Date with the Health Inspector". Overall though, Jazmine is a naive but benevolent and considerate person. Her childishness pervades her character, like in "A Huey Freeman Christmas", where she conflates Santa Claus and Jesus, or in "The Real", where she's shown to still believe in the tooth fairy. This is McGruder satirizing the unseen effects of parents' lies on their children (as well as a possible reference to Linus and the Great Pumpkin). However, she also explains that she believes in God and prays when she wants something or is afraid ("The Passion of Reverend Ruckus"). Her kindness is most often shown through her interactions with Huey. Despite his pessimistic and mean-spirited attitude, she remains supportive and friendly with him. She enthusiastically applauds for Huey's play "Black Jesus" (unlike Granddad and Riley, who both fall asleep) and assists him with a number of his schemes (like in "The Passion of Reverend Ruckus" and "Fried Chicken Flu"). She even compliments him on occasion, expressing faith in his intelligence even if no one else does.

Jazmine is sincere and a terrible liar. In "Or Die Trying", she is initially swayed by Grandad's notion that it's okay to lie sometimes but she begins to feel extremely guilty when they sneak into the movie theatre without paying. She gradually goes into full blown panic mode and even tries to give herself up to an officer. In "Thank You for Not Snitching", she attempts to casually extract information from Riley through conversation but is so awkward, Huey immediately figures out she's wired.

Jazmine is portrayed as an animal-lover. In the comics, she states that she aspires to be a veterinarian even though she's allergic to cats. It's also hinted at in "The Fundraiser" when she donates funds to PETA. She may also be vegetarian or vegan, given that she seems to believe "Fried chicken is murder".

Despite her sweetness, Jazmine can be argumentative. In "The Real", she gets upset with Huey for his apparent hypocrisy: "You can believe in secret agents and I can't believe in the tooth fairy? That's messed up, Huey!". She also snaps at him in "The Block is Hot" when he tries to discourage her from working with Ed Wuncler, claiming he just wants everyone to be miserable because he is. In the same episode, she stands her ground against Riley even as he tries to persuade her into selling lemonade to him for less than a dollar.

In the comics, Jazmine has trouble accepting the fact that she is biracial. She states that she resents racial categories and feels lonely about being the only mixed child in the neighborhood. Jazmine seems to have internalized European standards of beauty, as she often wishes her hair was straight instead of puffy. Her qualms are further exacerbated by her father's many attempts to straighten her hair and her mother's refusal to label her race. She always gets very offended when Huey insists that she is black and has an afro. In one strip, she even claims that it's a mean thing to say and that she has "good hair" that's just a little frizzy.


Tom & Sarah DuBois[]

Jazmine DuBois has a complex and somewhat strained relationship with her parents, Tom and Sarah DuBois. Jazmine's parents are portrayed as an interracial couple, with Tom being black and Sarah being white. This racial difference plays a role in shaping their family dynamics and some of the challenges they face. Jazmine's parents are depicted as loving and well-intentioned, but they often struggle to fully understand the challenges their daughter faces as a biracial child in a predominantly black community.

Jazmine's appearance, which is closer to her mother's due to her fair skin and light hair, causes her to sometimes feel disconnected from her black heritage, and this feeling is exacerbated by the community's occasional questioning of her racial identity. Her parents, particularly her father Tom, try to shield Jazmine from the harsher realities of the world, which sometimes leads to Jazmine having a somewhat sheltered perspective. This protective instinct can cause tension between Jazmine and her parents, as she starts to become more aware of the racial and social issues around her. While Jazmine's parents genuinely care for her, their attempts to create a comfortable and nurturing environment sometimes clash with the realities of the world they live in.

Overall, Jazmine's relationship with her parents, Tom and Sarah DuBois, is characterized by their efforts to provide her with a positive upbringing while navigating the challenges of their interracial family dynamic. This relationship adds depth to Jazmine's character and contributes to the show's exploration of various social and cultural themes.

Huey Freeman[]

Jazmine emerges as a remarkably distinct figure in Huey's world, standing out as one of the select few who truly listens and lends a hand to his impassioned causes. Though his initial treatment of her is less than warm, Huey's underlying willingness to empathize with her gradually becomes evident. He often veers away from gratuitous cruelty and instead employs a more complex approach to their interactions. When he dissects her ideas with apparent harshness, it's driven by his attempt to shake her from her ignorance and naivety, albeit in a manner that might appear excessively harsh as he strives to illuminate her path.

These efforts, while often ending in frustration, don't deter him from maintaining a patient and understanding stance. There are moments when his concern for her becomes palpable, like in the episode "The Block is Hot," where he goes out of his way to console her after a confrontation with Wuncler, offering her a comforting presence. His dedication is further showcased when he champions her cause, advocating for her liberation from an unwittingly signed near-child labor contract orchestrated by Ed Wuncler, Sr. The gesture extends beyond words when he shares his scarf with her to provide warmth in the aftermath of events.

Over time, Huey's perspective on Jazmine evolves remarkably. His initial skepticism toward her beliefs makes room for a more nuanced appreciation. As the seasons unfold, their relationship matures, and by the culmination of season 3, she's likely the solitary person he genuinely considers a friend, as per his own admission. This bond is underscored by the remarkable trust he places in her during the "Fried Chicken Flu" episode, inviting her into his home—an enclave he rarely opens to anyone other than Granddad and Riley.

In essence, Jazmine's significance to Huey transcends initial impressions. Their connection, marked by empathy, concern, and an evolving understanding, is a testament to the complexity of relationships and the potential for growth and mutual support even in the face of disparate worldviews.

Physical appearance[]

In the Show:[]

Jazmine has fair skin that's a bit tan, She has two large curly orange Afro puffs and Deep green eyes. often seen wearing a pink Jacket and Purple dress with purple shoes

In The Comics:[]

Jazmine also has fair skin that's a bit tan like Mariah Carey as Cindy says in the comics. she also is normally seen with her Curly hair Down or in a messy bun or the more usual style of two afro puffs.


  • Jazmine's heritage: through her mother's side she has Irish, German, and Swedish ancestry; and through her father's side she has African-American, Cherokee, French and Scottish ancestry.
  • Huey and Jazmine may be implied to have feelings for each other (more so for Jazmine towards Huey). Though Huey does not show much physical affection to anyone, not even to his family, he allows Jazmine to hug and cling to him without a fuss. We also don't see them interact with anybody else the way they interact with each other. There is still no canon romance between them.
    • Despite no canon romance, a lot of fans like to ship them together.
    • It might be implied that Jazmine does have a crush/feelings for Huey. This can be seen in Wingmen when Jazmine blushes while making fun of Huey after his return to Woodcrest.
      • However, this scene could be explained as her flushing from laughing at him.
  • Jazmine sold over 40,000 cups of lemonade while she was under under a near-child labor contract from Ed Wuncler, before Huey saved her and her stand burned down.
  • She enjoys Usher's music and Usher himself. She would actually prefer him to be her father over Tom as seen in "Tom, Sarah and Usher".


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