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Jack Flowers appears in the episode "It's Goin Down". He is a secret agent for the Central Terrorist Agency. Once Huey is cleared from any wrongdoing from the imminent terrorist attack in Woodcrest, Huey and Uncle Ruckus join Jack in order to stop Ed and Rummy from blowing up a Wuncler building. He is best known for his brutal interrogation technique of kicking people in the nuts with a solid steel boot he carries around in a briefcase. He has had three girlfriends who were all killed in strange ways while he was on missions. One, Tracey, had her head cut off with a sword. Another, Elanor, was blown up with explosives after being pushed off of a roof. The last, Taquanda, was killed by being tied to a missile. Jack is constantly tortured by the voices of the people he has kicked in the nuts. Ruckus calls him "the greatest white man since G.I. Joe."


  • Jack Flowers is voiced by Artt Butler.
  • Jack Flowers is a parody of Jack Bauer from 24.
  • He had three girlfriends who were killed in unbelievably cruel and gruesome ways.
    • His first girlfriend, Tracey, was killed by decapitation while she and Flowers were running from a criminal with a sword.
    • His second lover was a woman named Elanor. She was killed by a man who pushed her off the roof of a building while tied with explosives. She died from the explosion before she hit the ground.
    • His third and final girlfriend was a girl named Taquanda. She was tied to a large missile by another criminal who sadistically launched it, blasting her off to oblivion before Jack could save her.
  • Jack gets information out of his prisoners by kicking them in the nuts, and if they're not cooperating still, he uses a solid steel boot.