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Herbert appears in the episode "Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner".


He is first seen having a major outburst in the store, demanding candy and thoroughly frustrating his mother, who is futilely pleading with him to stop while in tears. The other customers were not pleased by his actions. Finding his behavior unacceptable and that it must be put to a stop, Granddad shows up and asks the mother, "Have you ever tried beatin' his ass?" Granddad hands the mother his belt and shows her how to use it and telling her she's got to do what she has to do as a parent and teach her son his outbursts will not be tolerated.

The boy, immediately recognizing the belt as an enforcement tool, stops his outburst in terror. Herbert tries to run but his mother takes off after him and after catching him, proceeds to beat him, much to the delight of Robert and everyone else in the store. Herbert cries and pleads with his mom to stop hitting him with the belt, which falls on deaf ears as she continues to reprimand him for his behavior.


  • He is voiced by Jake Cherry from Night at the Museum and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.
  • His appearance resembles that of Junior Healy from the Problem Child franchise.
  • He's the first person to be hit by Robert's belt, albeit not by Robert himself.
  • Herbert is addressed as "Tantruming Kid" in the credits.