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Frederick (better known by his stage name Gangstalicious) is one of Riley Freeman's favorite rappers and a recurring character in The Boondocks.


He is responsible for the hit single "Thuggin' Love" heard in the show, as well as "Homies Over Hoes". Inspired as a child by Ice Cube, he acted "like a killer" so people would like him. This behavior carried over into his adult life, and he's been living a lie ever since.

He is a closet homosexual, and goes to great lengths to keep this secret from the public. He was formerly involved in a secret homosexual affair with a gangster named Lincoln, who attempts to kill Gangstalicious for betraying their love while on tour, and at some point assaulted a record label executive and rapped about it on TRL only to be arrested later. He was also involved in a relationship with a hip-hop video vixen named Jessica Ethelberg, who later wrote a book revealing he was gay (despite the fact that there were already countless obvious clues to the fact beforehand).


Gangstalicious appears to be somewhat of a good influence (or at least tries to be). In "The Story of Gangstalicious" he told Riley not to fear any man but God, but later contradicted himself and said he also feared "the n***a that shot him". He also told Riley that he tells kids that the drug game was cool, then retracted himself and said sometimes the drug game wasn't cool (in some ways). However, again he contradicted himself saying "but mostly it's cool" after that. The final time, he told Riley to put on his seat belt because "it's the law and a good idea". Though he didn't revise this statement, Riley didn't listen and hit his head in the car accident, to which Gangstalicious scolded him for not putting on his seat belt, saying, "I told you 'put'cho seat belt on', but noooo, y'all n***as gotta do they thing". In "The Story of Gangstalicious: Part 2" he never told Riley to his face that he was a homosexual, probably to protect him.



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