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The Freedomland Amusement Park

The Freedomland amusement park.

Freedomland is an oppressive slavery-themed amusement park that appeared in the episode of the same name.

Freedomland was founded by Ed Wuncler II, as a means of dealing with the dozens of Woodcrest residents who owed him money. He forced his debtors to sign themselves into indentured servitude, or de facto slavery. He then imprisoned them at Freedomland, which was modeled after a 19th century plantation, making them act and work exactly like slaves did. Uncle Ruckus was hired to be an overseer for the slaves.

Freedomland's enslaved workers included (formerly middle-class) people of all races, not just black people. Robert Freeman and his grandsons Huey and Riley were among the many forced laborers here, although for some reason Tom DuBois volunteered. They were all forced to humiliate themselves in the most degrading ways to entertain park guests. However Huey planned a successful slave revolt, which ended with Freedomland being burned down to the ground.