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Derrick Cornish, better known by his stage name Flonominal, is a rapper and member of Lethal Interjection Crew.

His vocabulary seems to be quite limited and uses hip-hop slang frequently at the end of and in between his sentences, and if he can't think of anything, he says "Word!" and "Nahmean?" Although he puts on a hard-man gangsta facade and is as loud as Thugnificent at times, he is shown to be soft and sensitive, as seen as when he is shown talking to his mother about the controversy that pitted the Lethal Interjection crew against Robert Freeman (Granddad). Another example is when Butch Magnus hit him on the leg with a baseball bat, after demanding Riley's chain back. He yelled, "My motherfuckin' leg!" Flonominal is well educated and has a degree, though he acts ignorant on purpose.

In his last appearance, "Bitches to Rags", he resigns from the Lethal Interjection crew when Thugnificent can no longer support him and is unable to pay for the mansion. Derrick offers Thugnificent a job interview, wherein Thugnificent gets Flonominal fired from his job as an office worker because the latter never informed his employer that he was part of the crew.


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