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Ebony Brown is a woman who dated Robert Freeman in the episode "Lovely Ebony Brown". She is voiced by Gina Torres.

Appearance and Personality[]

Ebony is an African American woman of average height with a lovely feminine build, with straight shoulder length hair and brown eyes. She is described to be very beautiful, even to Uncle Ruckus in spite of his prejudice towards black people.

Ebony is a friendly, mild mannered, sincere, and selfless individual. She is by far the only well-adjusted female Robert has ever dated, and the only thing that ruined the relationship was his own insecurities.


Ebony was first seen by Robert as he see's Ebony jogging past him in the park and began to ask Robert on a date and to his surprise the date goes very well, even when Uncle Ruckus makes racist comments she just laughs and says he is oddly likable.

When Robert invites her to dinner she is revealed to run a nonprofit organization that cured a real time and rare terminal illness known as Patterson's disease which Sarah's Nana had, after dinner they soon begin a relationship visiting museum's and going to beaches but soon Robert grows to paranoid thinking she's to good for him and that she must be seeing another man.

To be sure he goes to the point of stalking Ebony to find out if it was true. Soon after this Riley makes Grandad more paranoid with Ebony especially when he can't contact Ebony Riley soon finds out she has a Twitter page and find out she went to Malaysia in which Robert takes a plane to get there asking many people if where he could find her but after Robert finds her it is revealed she went to Malaysia to help out after a major flood, a flood which Robert barely paid any attention to. Believing her relationship with him is damaging to his health, she soon breaks up with Robert, giving him a last kiss goodbye.

Everybody seemed to like Ebony, even Ruckus went to the point of confessing his love for her and even tried to marry her but was too late (making it the only black woman Uncle Ruckus ever liked). This is most likely since she is the only woman who Robert dated that was not crazy or lied to him.