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Dr. Doomis appears first during season 3 in the episode, "Smokin With Cigarettes". The psychologist of Lamilton Taeshawn, Riley's sociopathic, destructive friend, Doomis first took notice of Lamilton's behavior when Lamilton was still in kindergarten and convinced his grandmother to bring him in for questioning. He greatly believes that Lamilton is beyond a bad egg and is something demonic, due to his personality and anger. Unable to lock Lamilton away as he wishes, he instead secretly follows him in order to collect enough evidence to put him in jail. His obsession with Lamilton drives Lamilton's grandmother to file a restraining order against the doctor. 


He was first shown interviewing Lamilton and asking him of what he liked to do. Lamilton explained that he liked doing bad things and smoking with cigarettes, which Doomis responded by telling him that his actions could hurt people and that smoking is unhealthy.

At some point, he came to believe that Lamilton is beyond a bad egg and is something demonic, due to his personality and anger. His view of Lamilton drove Lamilton's grandmother to file a restraining order against the doctor, in her words, he was "disturbed and icky".

He subsequently stalked and spied on Taeshawn and his friend Riley Freeman, to get evidence to get Taeshawn arrested. He told Riley's family of his views and informed them that Riley was with Lamiliton as they speak.

Much later, he followed Riley and Lamilton, as they were trespassing into Mrs. Von Heusen's house. He witnessed Lamilton who mercilessly shot her dog who was chained at the time. He secretly notified the police and Lamiton was sent to the system. The next morning, he met Riley and introduced himself and revealed himself to be the one who called the police on Lamilton. When asked why he didn't give his name, he explained the restraining order. Riley panicked at first, but Dr. Doomis stated that they'll never let him out, as he would be locked up forever, or so he thought. Lamilton was let out of the system early as they didn't have enough proof. Doomis phoned the Freeman's home to warn Huey and Robert, and told them not to let out Riley out of the house for his safety. Robert replied that Riley was in detention. Dr. Doomis ordered Huey and Robert to get there immediately with anything to put Lamilton down for good, and claimed that they had no idea what they were dealing with. They later got to the school and Riley and Lamilton at the nick of time. Lamilton was hanging on the school building and was this close to dropping. Doomis saw this as a great opportunity to kill Lamilton. He dashed past the Freeman family and pulled Riley's hand from Taeshawn's and the young boy dropped to the ground, believed to be dead. Riley was shocked with Dr. Doomis' act, but Doomis firmly believed that the boy deserved to die after what he done. 

Everything is calm at first until Robert gasps, as he notices that Lamilton's body gone as if something took him away, but notices that he's alive and just limping away. The psychologist cannot believe Lamilton survived and actually jumps off the building only to land on the boy just to kill him, surviving as well. As he calls Lamilton a monster, the latter struggles to get the crazed doctor off of him and begs for someone to call his grandmother because Doomis was not supposed to be within 100 yards of him. It is unknown what became of the pair after this event, but Doomis was likely arrested for violating the restraining order and attempted murder.


He initially appeared to have a level head, as seen in his interview but overtime he slowly became erractic.

His ultimate goal is to kill Lamilton Taeshawn, believing him to be purely evil, and that his existence will endanger humanity. He even goes so far as to jump off a balcony in an effort to crush Lamilton.


  • He is a parody of Dr. Loomis from the Halloween film series.
  • Tom Kane once provided the voice of Dr. Loomis in the 1998 film Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.
  • It is implied he is a pedophile, as Lamilton states he's not "supposed to be within 100 yards" of him