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Uncle Ruckus song

"Don't Trust Them New N**gas Over There" is a song from the series premiere episode "The Garden Party". Uncle Ruckus made it up to tell all the white guests at Ed Wuncler I's party not to trust the newly arrived Freeman family in their neighborhood.

The song also reappears in Uncle Ruckus's version of "The Story of Catcher Freeman", claiming that it was sung by black slaves on George Lynchwater's plantation. But Huey is quick to point out that "Don't Trust Them New N**gas" is not a spiritual.


Uncle Ruckus:
Don't trust them new n**gas over there,
Leavin' their n**ga essence in the air!
Them happy, nappy-head n**gas,
With they fingas on the trigga!
Don't trust them new n**gas over there!
Don't trust them big nostrils over yonder,
They suck up so much air it'll make you wonder!
Don't trust them new n**gas,
With they spidey little n**ga figgas!
Don't trust them new n**gas!...over there.


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