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Deborah Leevil is an evil black woman who is intent on destroying black people. In the episode "The Hunger Strike", Leevil is trying to derail the hunger strike of Huey Freeman. In "The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show", Deborah Leevil has a plan to start BET animation in order to destroy the minds of black kids at a younger age. She claims that BET really stands for Black Evil Television, and she wants all shows on the channel to be "evil". She is also extremely sadistic, to the fact that she laughed at a board member while he was being killed by her "evil henchmen".

Leevil is a mixed caricature of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movie trilogy, along with Cruella de Ville of the One Hundred and One Dalmatians fame. : Elements including music, impulsive slaying of junior executives, and layout of the board room are all reminiscent of the Austin Powers movies, while Leevil's looks strongly mirror the latter character.


  • Deborah is a parody of Debra L. Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer of BET Holdings owner of BET.
  • Her last name is possibly derived from the French word "le", meaning "the", making her full name "Deborah The Evil".
  • Its possible she once was a super villainess, but failed. This would explain the insane way she runs BET.