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Ruckus Twins

Darrel and Darryl Ruckus.

Darryl Ruckus is Uncle Ruckus' younger brother, and the twin brother of Darrel Ruckus. Despite his racism towards Black people, Uncle adores both of his brothers, happily laughing and chatting with them the second the opportunity arrived (digging their grandmother's grave together). When Uncle was kicked out of the house as a teenager, they both tearfully begged Mister not to, showing how much they loved their elder brother.

He is an accountant for a "white-run" finance company, and just got a promotion from his white boss. In spite of his grandmother and father, Darryl is the most obliging member of the immediate Ruckus family, taking it upon himself to look after both his parents and grandmother (although the latter attacked him with a razor for his troubles). He continued to take care of his mother after the passing of his grandmother and father, driving her and her white lover home from Woodcrest. However, he is greatly aware of their mother's great delusions.

He and Darrel are considered to be the only decent members of the Ruckus family.