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Ruckus Twins

Darryl and Darrel Ruckus.

Darrel Ruckus is Uncle Ruckus' younger brother, and the twin brother of Darryl Ruckus. Uncle adores both of his brothers, happily laughing and chatting with them the second the opportunity arrived (digging their grandmother's grave together). When Mister was kicking a teenage Ruckus out of their home, he tearfully begged him not to, showing how much he loved his eldest brother.

Darrel is a boss of his own motorcycle shop, and he has a white wife. In spite of his grandmother and father, Darrel is perhaps the most thoughtful and sympathetic member of the immediate Ruckus' family - he was the one who deduced that perhaps Mr. Ruckus' abuse was a misguided attempt to toughen his sons up for a tough world, though realistically acknowledged that didn’t give him a right to abuse Ruckus or his family. At the same time he never tried to denounce Ruckus’ delusions of being white or love for the white man, only revealing the abuse Mister suffered from some racist individuals to help Ruckus empathize with their Father.