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Daniel Stuckey (AKA Dan the Security Man) is a private security guard who worked at the Wuncler Plaza.


Unbeknownst to Dan, he was the target of a pseudo-terrorist conspiracy. Ed Wuncler I hired Ed Wuncler III and Gin Rummy to plant a bomb in the basement of the Wuncler Plaza, which was supposed to destroy the tower with Stuckey inside. Ed I would then lie that Dan was a heroic martyr who died trying to stop a terrorist bombing, and would then make him the focus of a multi-million-dollar media franchise in order to profit from his demise.

However Jack Flowers soon learned of the bomb plot, so he sent Huey Freeman and Uncle Ruckus to evacuate everyone out of the building (but Dan was the only person there), while Flowers fought and arrested Ed III and Rummy. But Dan had no clue what was really going on, so he locked the doors. Due to the confusion, Ruckus had to stomp Dan's testicles to get the password out of him. Huey, Ruckus, and Dan then rushed out of the building before it collapsed.


Dan Stuckey is an unlikable idiot and jerk with an inflated ego. Dan's default attitude was rudeness towards others, with his catch phrase being "Eat my ass!". He also thinks that his security job is far more important than it really is.

Dan is a devoted listener of a right-wing radio talk show, which he calls regularly to complain about President Barack Obama. Stuckey claims that Obama wants to redistribute money from the wealthy and give it to "people who sit around getting fat and lazy", but he doesn't realize the irony and hypocrisy of his own statement. He happens to do nothing but sit at his post all day listening to conservative AM radio, watching news on the TV and eating.

Ed Wuncler I considered him to be a "cocksucker" and a "waste of usable organs"; even Uncle Ruckus, who usually has an extreme love for white conservatives, acted with anger and violence towards Dan, although Ruckus does feel sorry for hurting him afterwards.