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Cristal is a prostitute whom Robert Freeman met at a local grocery store. She only appeared in "Guess Hoe's Coming to Dinner".


Robert first meets Cristal after she comments on what a gentleman he is after he aids a woman in disciplining her rowdy son. He then carries her groceries out of the store. They then pursue a romantic relationship with Robert oblivious to the fact that Cristal is a hoe. Huey and Riley attempt to bring this fact to Robert's attention but he is not swayed. It takes A Pimp Named Slickback confronting Cristal at the Freeman household and telling Robert that he's her pimp for Robert to finally see what she was. He doesn't seem to care and states that if she is willing to put her past behind her she can start anew at his house. She then promises Granddad that she'll come back after getting rid of A Pimp Named Slickback. Then afterward she would fill out some job applications. But she never comes back.


Cristal is, in all honesty, a shameless, gold digging, trifling, promiscuous, seductive, money grubbing young woman who is completely incapable and unwilling to get herself properly educated or obtain respectable employment.


Cristal is a provocative and sassy looking lady who appears to in early-mid adulthood. She has gentle green eyes and her hair is long, straight golden blonde. She is shown to have a voluptuous figure. Cristal also dresses in promiscuous clothing at all times due to her job as a former prostitute.


  • Cristal is better at gaming than Riley, who mistakens the Down-button on the controller for the X-button.
  • Cristal bears many physical resemblances to the singer Mariah Carey. Except Cristal has bigger breasts while Mariah Carey has a bigger butt.
    • This is evident when Riley whines out "fake-ass Mariah Carey" to Cristal, after she beats him at a PS2 game.
    • It should also be noted that in the comic strip (April 28, 1999), Huey also compared Jazmine to Mariah Carey. This could be a hint that Cristal may also be mixed-race half black and half white.