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Cookie Freeman ("Aunt Cookie" to Huey and Riley Freeman) is the sister of Robert Freeman. Little is known about Cookie, other than that she once gave Riley a necklace for Christmas; not the chain he wanted, to his dismay. She was the one who informed Granddad about the death of his former friend, Moe Jackson, and accompanied him on the party boat where Moe had requested his funeral to be held. She tries to help Robert to let go of the past and come to terms with Moe's death. She is successful, but not before Moe plays one final prank on his old friend.

She appears to be significantly younger than Robert.

She later appears as a cameo character in Shining where she gave Riley a necklace.


Cookie is shown to be very caring to her grandnephews and brother, but she has a tendency to call Robert a "dumbass" when he gets out of line, like when he accused his friend Moe Jackson of stealing the woman he once loved, but she angrily tells him that Moe didn't know Robert loved her and they were never together (later Robert finds his old love at Moe's funeral and has aged horribly).

Cookie ultimately gets Robert to see how wrong he was to resent Moe before delivering an honest, heartfelt eulogy.