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"What's good, nyuggah?!"

Colonel H. Stinkmeaner is a major antagonist in The Boondocks series.

He was an obnoxious, blind old man who Robert Freeman killed in a street fight.


Stinkmeaner is described as one of the evilest human beings to ever walk the earth. He is sadistic, nihilistic and overall horrible to everyone he meets. He enjoys the pain and anguish of other people. He claims to hate everyone in general (especially black people), but in truth, he simply loves being evil and hates anything even remotely innocent and peaceful, simply just finding being evil and bad just more fun and satisfying. He lived a long, terrible life, as when he got killed, he is sent to Hell, where he felt truly much happier than he ever had been in life and considers it much better than jail.


While little is known about his early life, Stinkmeaner was born sometime during the early twentieth century. Despite being born into a seemingly normal family, he spent all of those days just as hateful and pessimistic as he currently is. By the time Stinkmeaner was 15 years old, he lost his eyesight to cancer. The doctors gave him 3 more years to live. He dedicated these 3 years to spreading hate and misery wherever he went. But for some reason, he managed to survive long past the age of 18, likely because of his love of hating.

At some point, Stinkmeaner formed the Hateocracy alongside Lord Rufus Crabmiser, Lady Esmeralda Gripenasty, and Mr. George Pistofferson. The four hated each other, but hated everyone else even more. And so they began to cause problems for the denizens of their retirement home until they were eventually kicked out and split up afterwards.

Granddad's Fight[]

Stinkmeaner is first shown driving recklessly through the streets of Woodcrest in his pickup truck, nearly killing many bystanders. He arrives at a store and attempts to pull into a parking space already occupied by Robert Freeman's car Dorothy. Oblivious, Stinkmeaner rams Dorothy multiple times, nearly destroying her.

Stinkmeaner exits his truck and confronts Robert about "parking in his space". A quarrel occurs between the two, eventually turning into a N***a Moment. Robert tries to keep his cool until Stinkmeaner purposely steps on his expensive sneaker (6 of 10 of which are the main cause of a n***a moment), finally provoking Robert into punching him. However, the blind old man simply evades Robert's punch, causing him to fall to the ground. Stinkmeaner proceeds to beat the defenseless Robert with his cane until the fight is stopped by Huey.

The two elders then arrange to have a street fight later on to finally settle the score. Huey trains Robert in martial arts, believing Stinkmeaner to have advanced hearing and other senses due to being blind, which he thought was the reason for his overpowering of Robert during their first encounter.

During the street fight, however, this is proven to be false when Robert kills Stinkmeaner with ease (albeit unintentionally). It is revealed that Stinkmeaner simply felt Robert step on his cane when the former went to punch him and thus used the opportunity to dodge it. Nonetheless, with Stinkmeaner's death, Robert's n***a moment is supposedly ended.

Stinkmeaner Strikes Back[]

In "Stinkmeaner Strikes Back", he returns as a vengeful spirit. After some martial arts training in Hell, he is sent by The Devil (who declares Stinkmeaner the "baddest motherfucker Hell had ever seen") back to Earth to exact his revenge. He possesses the body of Tom Dubois and makes him do crazy things at very inappropriate times. Eventually, he makes his way to the Freeman house and attacks Robert while he's posting videos of himself on the internet while using the toilet. Huey and Riley come to his aid and they all fight him. Stinkmeaner beats the Freemans effortlessly but is eventually subdued when Robert ties up his legs with his belt and Riley knocks him out with a lamp, a vase, and a geisha statue. They tie him to Riley's bed (much to Riley's chagrin) and invite Uncle Ruckus over to exorcise him out of Tom's body, but none of his methods work. At the last moment, Huey helps Stinkmeaner find common ground with Uncle Ruckus because they equally hate other black people, and his soul is thus exorcised out of Tom's body.

The Hateocracy[]

In "Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy", he appears a third time as a ghost narrating the story of a crew of elderly self-hating racist bigots (Lord Rufus Crabmiser, Lady Esmeralda Gripenasty, and Mr. George Pistofferson) of which he was the leader. They caused a series of problems for the other nursing home residents and made their lives a living hell, so eventually they were kicked out, and split up afterwards.

When they hear of Stinkmeaner's death, they come to Woodcrest to kill Robert and his family. Gripenasty and Pistofferson go after Huey and Riley while Crabmiser goes after Robert. After a long fight, the three Freemans barely escape with their lives. They attempt to hire a bodyguard to protect them.

They first try Ed Wuncler III, but he's much too reckless, so Huey suggests they hire Bushido Brown. Brown proves to be too high maintenance and they take forever to make their move again, but they appear seconds after Robert has just fired Brown, prompting him to immediately rehire him and they fight.

Brown defeats Gripenasty and Pistofferson, but Crabmiser decapitates him with his flying guillotine. Afterwards, they reveal that they never really cared for Stinkmeaner in the first place and would've attacked the Freemans anyway regardless. Hearing the commotion, the police arrive and arrest the group for assault and murder. As the episode concludes, the narrating Stinkmeaner remarks that he is more lucky to be in Hell than in jail.

Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has[]

In "Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has" it was revealed that a clone of Stinkmeaner was produced at a "secret and highly illegal cloning facility" shortly before he met Robert. The clone was left with instructions from the original reading: "Dear me, please go fuck with Robert J. Freeman. Warm regards, n***a. O.G. Stinkmeaner." The clone learns that the original Stinkmeaner had left him his clothes, cane, glasses, and (presumably) his truck, and that he had also been given some "enhancements" during the cloning process.

To follow his instructions, he begins by returning to the mall where he first encountered Robert and backed into Robert's car stating, "I didn't even want to park there. I hit your car, and waited for you to get back here to tell you I did it.". Robert is enraged that Stinkmeaner has somehow come back yet again to harass him. They swiftly begin to fight, and all the onlookers record it, but before the match ends, both he and Robert are taken in by the police. However, since Robert actually attacked him first, he was free to leave and didn't press charges.

The Stinkmeaner clone's videos go viral online, and he becomes an immediate celebrity with many fans and supporters, and gets a sketch comedy show, "Bad Bitches", and (in the intro) a cooking show. He challenges Robert to a rematch, only to be arrested after Robert refuses to fight him (again). He then is bailed out by Ed Wuncler I (who bribed the D.A. to drop his case) and goes to Robert's house with the Stinkmeaner clone to set up one last fight on Pay-per-view.

Still a viral celebrity, many people show up to see the Stinkmeaner clone fight Robert. The clone cockily assumes he will have an easy victory, only for Robert to have the upper hand for the majority of the fight due to his immense hatred of Stinkmeaner and his constant training. The clone manages to avoid some of Robert's strikes, and despite his enhancements, Robert comes out victorious and nearly beats him to death. Due to Huey's intervention at the last second, Robert spares his life on the condition that the clone leaves him alone under threat of a restraining order and also telling the clone to "go fuck with somebody else!". The clone agrees, saying "Sure, all you had to do was ask! I don't even know you! I'm just a clone!". The clone's body is left covered in blood by what appears to be his last row with Robert.

Despite this, the Stinkmeaner clone begins hanging around outside Robert's house for three months, yelling and complaining that Robert never invites him over to have dinner or even acknowledges him as a friend. Robert yells at the clone to get off his property, but the clone points out he is not even on his property, but on the sidewalk. Robert yells at him to leave, and the clone sings "Stinkmeaner forever" as he skips away happily into the night.


Possession: Stinkmeaner had the ability to possess the living in order to interact with the physical world (through Tom Dubois.) He mostly utilized Tom's body in order to reap revenge upon the Freeman family, as well as having rough sexual intercourse with Sarah Dubois.

Enhanced Physical Abilities: Stinkmeaner seems to have been capable of augmenting Tom's possessed body to accomplish almost super human feats of strength and agility, he was capable of almost completely overwhelming the entire Freeman family alone, before being knocked out by the kids and Robert. His clone also possessed a degree of these enhancements.

Levitation: Stinkmeaner was briefly seen to be capable of levitating Tom's body into the air during his exorcism, it is unknown whether this was actually an ability he possessed or whether this was simply a reaction to the exorcism.


  • Stinkmeaner is based off of Butler Benson DuBois from the 1970s show "Benson".
  • He uses the phrase "Bitch ass n***a," or "n***a", in almost every sentence he uses and even called The Devil himself a "Bitch ass n***a". He often pronounces "n***a" like "nyi-cuh" and over enunciates it.
  • Stinkmeaner seems to have fewer teeth after each appearance. In Granddad's Fight he is depicted with four teeth, in both Stinkmeaner Strikes Back and Stinkmeaner 3: The Hateocracy he is shown to have three teeth, and in Stinkmeaner: Begun the Clone War Has he only has two teeth. This could be intentional since it is shown that Robert knocked all the teeth out of his mouth when Stinkmeaner was killed.
  • He owns a dented gray pickup truck resembling a 1976 GMC Sierra.
  • The reflections in his glasses, and hue of his hair change from episode to episode.
  • Despite holding the title of "Colonel," it's extremely unlikely that Stinkmeaner ever served in the military due to going blind well before he would have been old enough to enlist. It is possible that "Colonel" is really his first name, just like how Uncle Ruckus's first name is "Uncle".


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