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Old Woodcrest Church

The old unidentified church in Woodcrest

This unidentified church in Woodcrest is the only known church in the suburbs of Woodcrest. It appeared in two episodes, "The Passion of Reverend Ruckus" and "Return of the King."

The Passion of Reverend Ruckus[]

After Uncle Ruckus has a dream where Ronald Reagan tells him to spread the gospel of the inferiority of black people, or "darkies" as he calls them, Uncle Ruckus can be briefly seen preaching his message of discrimination against black people on the front steps of the church.

Return of the King[]

Many of the black residents of Woodcrest use the sanctuary of the church for a party. The people who use the church for the party turn the church into a makeshift nightclub, by even putting club bouncers at the front of the church, one of whom almost hinders Martin Luther King and Huey Freeman from even getting inside. When they get inside, they see that the people have completely desecrated the main floor of the sanctuary by turning it into a dance floor. They see many of the attendants of the party getting drunk and fighting each other. One of the woman in the party gets up in the pulpit at the podium and prays a prayer to commence the real celebrations. After the prayer is prayed, the people go on drinking and using profanity and the ones that get drunk fight each other in massive brawls all over the sanctuary. A Pimp Named Slickback even shows up at the church and commits many crude and lascivious acts with several women. Fed up with all the commotion, Martin Luther King irately stands behind the podium and shouts, "WILL YOU IGNORANT N****S PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP?!!", over the microphone, getting everyone's attention. He then angrily rebukes everyone for desecrating the church and for their revelry and boisterous merrymaking. Martin then leaves the church and thanks Huey for helping him to get everything off his chest and helping him to build up his self-confidence so that he could speak the truth.


  • As with any Church, the main service to the community is most likely their Sunday Service, but it is unknown whether the church actually has Sunday Service or not
  • It is unknown whether the church has a pastor or not.
  • The church's denomination is unknown.
  • The members of the church are unknown.
  • It is unknown whether the Freeman family attends this church or not.