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Cairo is a minor character that appears in The Boondocks and is the main antagonist of the episode the "Wingmen" and only appearance. He was Huey's best friend before he came to Woodcrest.

It is stated that when Huey moved from his hometown, Cairo had taken it to heart. After Huey moved to Woodcrest, the two had stop contacting each other. Huey returns to his hometown in Chicago for the funeral of Robert's friend Moe Jackson. When he reunites with Cairo, it is revealed that in the time that Huey was gone he had gained a new best friend, Dewey Jenkins, who is a dread locked revolutionary.

It is also shown that he treats Huey more coldly and does not defend Huey when Dewey insults him and his brother Riley, but rather laughs at him with his new friend. After Dewey performs rather bad poetry at Moe Jackson's funeral service on the yacht, Riley insults Dewey's poetry. Then Cairo defends Dewey, but this is followed by Huey commenting on how he wonders why Cairo even hangs out with Dewey when he is an embarrassment of a revolutionist, even calling Dewey corny. Then Cairo responds to this by commenting on how Huey moved and left him behind, claiming that he should just go back to Woodcrest with his grandfather and that no one missed him. This leads to Huey attacking Cairo and the two having to be broken up from their fighting. The next day, Huey decided to stop by a black-eyed Cairo's house with a gift basket and apologizes for attacking him to make peace before going back home to Woodcrest. Cairo then holds out his hand to Huey to give him a handshake, to which Huey accepts, but then Cairo headbutts Huey off of the porch then slams the door. Realizing that there was nothing he could do to restore their friendship, Huey cuts Cairo off for good thus being left behind in the past.


  • He may have abandonment issues. This could be the reason why he resents Huey, which could one day be his downfall and end up bitter like his granddad, Robert Freeman.
  • He is shown to be a selfish and unreasonable person as he blamed Huey for a decision he had no control over.
    • Huey himself even admitted multiple times that he disliked Woodcrest and would rather be at Chicago though Cairo's anger and emotions blinded him to that fact.
  • He might be as much of a punk as Dewey is. This is shown when he headbutts Huey at the end of Wingmen, when Huey's not paying attention
  • It's implied that he'll become a disagreeable criminal when he gets older.
  • He might not have had any other friends besides Huey, which could be why he took it to the heart when Huey moved to Woodcrest